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The Misfit Regatta is a biannual race in the Republic of Molossia in which participants dress up with cardboard boxes. Started on 16 October 2011 and based on the Australian Henley-on-Todd Regatta, the Misfit Regatta is jocularly described as a "dry land boat race". The race is named after the 1961 film The Misfits due to it taking place in the Great Basin of Nevada, where the film was shot.[1] Some competitions have also included the category of "best boat".[2] The area where the race takes place is called "Misfit Flats," and colloquially "the Flats."[3]


The Misfit Regatta was originally intended to be an annual race.[3] After having separate races based on age between 2011 and 2015, future races have had several other categories including The Guy's Race, The Ladies Race Backwards, The Ladies Race, The Kid's Race and the Demolition Derby.[1]

Year Date Participants Official video
2020 11 October 8 2020 Misfit Regatta
2017 8 October 12 2017 Misfit Regatta
2015 25 October 11 2015 Misfit Regatta
2013 6 October 8 2013 Misfit Regatta
2011 16 October 6 2011 Misfit Regatta
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