Monarchist Party "Literator"

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Monarchist Party "Literator"
Monarhistlik Partei "Literaat"
ChairmanPaul Koff
FounderSander Koff
FoundedSeptember 19, 2020 (2020-09-19)
Membership (2022)8
IdeologyNationalism, monarchism
ColorsDark Green
Seats in Parilament
6 / 9

Monarchist Party "Literator", also known as just Monarchist Party or Literator, is a political party in the Revalian Kingdom. Ideologically it is nationalist and monarchist. Currently the party has 8 members, and it holds six seats in the Revalian Parliament.


Monarchist Party "Literator" was founded on 19 September 2020 by then regent Sander Koff. When he became the king, Paul Koff took over his position.



The chairman of the Monarchist Party "Literator" is the leader of the Monarchist Party "Literator". The current chairman is Paul Koff.

No. Name Since To
1 Sander Koff 19 September 2020 27 April 2021
2 Paul Koff 27 April 2021 present