Monarchy of Arlandica

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King of Arlandica
Jerold I
since 26 December 2020
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentJeanne
First monarchJerold I
Formation26 December 2020; 2 years ago (2020-12-26)
ResidenceSanto Niño City, Mainland Arlandica

The monarchy of Arlandica or Arlandican monarchy, whose monarch is referred to as the king of Arlandica (Cebuano: Hari sa Arlandika), is the head of state and government of Arlandica, and commander-in-chief of the Civil Guard.

Arlandica follows a constitutional and hereditary monarchy, with the monarch serving as both the head of state and government. The position of monarch is inherited within the royal family, with the eldest child, the crown prince or crown princess, becoming the heir apparent. The monarch wields executive and judicial powers.

Jerold I currently holds the position of monarch in Arlandica, having occupied the role since the monarchy's establishment. Additionally, they serve as a unifying figure for the kingdom, contributing to the cultivation of a shared national identity and pride among its citizens.


Before the creation of monarchy and his coronation as the monarch, Jerold I was the supreme leader of the Federal Democratic Republic of Arland or FDRA (now known as Kingdom of Arlandica) from April 20, 2020 to December 26, 2020. The government is supposed to be federal, but it is unitary personalist dictatorship in practice. Arlandica experienced political instability. It has no constitution since all of the power is vested by Jerold himself. Several attempts have been initiated by the opposition forces and other critics to overthrow him out of power, but Jerold ended up coronated as the monarch and abolished the republican form of government. Since its foundation, Jerold I has been the head of state and government of the country.

Powers and duties

According to the constitution, the Monarch holds sole prerogative over the following responsibilities:

  • Opening and closing legislative sessions in the parliament.
  • Dissolving the parliament.
  • Approving or vetoing legislation (acts of Parliament).
  • Issuing royal decrees.
  • Appointing and dismissing members of the Parliament.
  • Appointing and dismissing administrators of government agencies or state-owned enterprises.
  • Appointing and dismissing the Chief of Staff of the Guards.
  • Managing the Kingdom's foreign policy and relations.
  • Approving or rejecting treaties with other micronations and organizations.
  • Conducting hearings on violations committed by Arlandican citizens and investigating government officers' misconduct.
  • Determining punishments for lawbreakers and criminals.
  • Resolving conflicts and issues involving subjects.
  • Confering honors, grants, and awards.

The monarch wields both executive and judicial powers, while the parliament exercises legislative powers. Parliament members, led by its president, propose bills that are submitted to the monarch for approval or rejection. Additionally, the Parliament advices the monarch on its actions in the country.

The monarch possesses the right to utilize "Rule by decree" as a governance style if they choose to proclaim it. In the event of a national emergency, all government powers are vested in the monarch.

During periods when the monarch is occupied or unable to fulfill their duties, the heir apparent, whether it's the Crown Prince or Crown Princess, is authorized to temporarily exercise the monarch's powers.

The working place of the monarch within the royal family's residence is known as "His Majesty's Office" (alternatively, "Her Majesty's Office" when the Arlandican monarch is female).

Royal family

The House of Arlandica, commonly referred to as the Royal Family, is the official ruling royal house of the Kingdom of Arlandica. The head of the house is the King and the head of state and government of the country, King Jerold I. All members of the royal house trace their lineage back to Jerold Barlizo Garte Sr., the father of the King, who has native descent. The members of the Royal family include the King, his heir, and his parents.


Name Titles Note
Jerold I (Jerold Jr. Lopez Garte) King of Arlandica The firstborn son, Arlandica's founder
Jeanne (Empress Je-ann Lopez Garte) Governor-Representative of Nueva Bago, Crown Princess of Arlandica Heiress apparent to the throne, Younger sister of the King
Jerold Barlizo Garte Sr. Prince Father of the king
Analie Lopez Garte Princess Mother of the king

Styles and titles

As the monarch of Arlandica, their titles are as follows: His Majesty Jerold the First, by the Grace of God, the Founder and the King of the Kingdom of Arlandica, Protector and Defender of the Catholic Faith, Successor to the Datus of Davao Gulf, Head of the House of Arlandica, Commander-in-Chief of the Civil Guard, Lord of all realms and lands of the Kingdom, and Protector of the law and the people.


It is only given to the consort of the monarch, unless he/she is at least at the age of 18 or is married to the monarch, or both. The consort of the monarch must the title: Her Majesty [name], the Queen consort of the monarch of the Kingdom of Arlandica.

Heir apparent

The heir apparent to the throne, who is the firstborn child or an elder sibling of the monarch, must bear the title: Her Royal Highness Je ann, the Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Arlandica, the heir apparent to the monarch.

Other children and parents of the monarch

The other children and parents of the monarch are styled as Prince [name] or Princess [name].

Former titles

These are the former titles used by the Arlandican monarch.

  • Sovereign Prince of Arlandica
  • Grand Duke of Arlandica


Arlandican Royal Crown
The Royal Medal

The regalia of the monarch consists of the royal medal, bracelets, and the Arlandican royal crown, which do not exist physically. The royal medal holds significance as one of the monarch's important ornaments used in specific events. Meanwhile, the Arlandican Royal Crown, also referred to as the Imperial Crown, features prominently in many of Arlandica's coat of arms.

List of monarchs

This is a list of monarchs of Arlandica since the establishment of monarchy.[a]

Name Reign Reign duration
Jerold I December 26, 2020 Incumbent 2 years, 280 days

Line of succession

Crown Princess Jeanne, the heir apparent of the monarch.

Arlandica has a well-established line of succession that follows the principle of absolute primogeniture. According to the 2022 Arlandican constitution, the eldest sibling or eldest child of the monarch, irrespective of their gender, will automatically become the Heir apparent to the throne. This means that the royal heir's gender does not play a role in determining their position in the line of succession, and their eligibility is solely based on their seniority in terms of birth order. This system of succession ensures that the most capable and qualified candidate takes the throne. It eliminates any potential gender biases that may have existed in previous systems and promotes equality and fairness.

Currently, Jeanne is declared as the heir apparent of the monarch, since she is currently in the first in line of succession. She is the younger sister of Jerold I. This designation may change if Jerold I has his first biological child.


  1. Arlandica does not recognize Suleiman as the reigning monarch during the period from March 6, 2021, to March 19, 2021. Consequently, this information will not be included in historical articles and books. During that time, Jerold asserted that he remained the rightful monarch of Arlandica.

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