Monarchy of Eniarku

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King of Eniarku
Eniarku royal coa.png
Royal coat of arms of Eniarku
Aaron I

since 5 August 2015
StyleHis Majesty
ResidenceWoodford Palace (formal)
Shaw Manor (official)
Abbott Palace (August 2017)
Inaugural holderAaron I
Formation5 August 2015

The monarchy of the Kingdom of Eniarku, commonly referred to as the Eniarkian monarchy or simply the Crown in many modern legal contexts, is the semi-constitutional monarchy of the Kingdom of Eniarku and its realms. The monarch's title is King (if male) or Queen (if female). The current monarch, King Aaron I, ascended to the throne with the proclamation of the kingdom on 5 August 2015.

The monarch and his or her immediate family undertake various official, ceremonial and representative duties. Though the sovereign plays a more active role in the day-to-day governance of the state than many other constitutional monarchs, he or she is still somewhat limited in their powers by the Parliament, and typically delegates a majority of their executive power to the Council of State.


Succession to the throne is governed by semi-Salic law, as dictated by the Abbott Family Pact, adopted on 1 September 2015 (as the Slava Family Pact). The right to rule over Eniarku has since been transferred from the the House of Slava to the new House of Abbott as of 5 December 2016. The long-defunct House of Augustus-Alexei ruled over the Empire of Eniarku for a short period as well. The house law of Abbott can only be amended by act of the current monarch, though has not been changed since its creation (save for the name change in late 2016).

Upon the death of the sovereign (or, more likely, the abdication), his or her heir immediately and automatically succeeds. It is possible for individuals in the line of succession to renounce his or her right of succession, however, in which case the next individual ascends to the throne. Traditionally, the new monarch is crowned in a coronation ceremony in the courtyard of Woodford Palace, the official seat of the monarchy. However, a coronation ceremony is not necessary for the monarch to reign, and indeed often takes place months or years after accession.

After an individual ascends the throne, he or she rules until death or abdication, the latter of which requires a formal declaration by the abdicating monarch. An heir apparent or heir presumptive is typically granted the title Prince of August (or Princess of August, in the rare event of a female heir). The current Prince of August is Prince Evan.

Current line of succession

Eniarkian Royal Family
Royal coat of arms of Eniarku
  • HG Roger, Earl of Melchin
    HG Lady Janet
    HH Irene, Duchess of Eryia
    HG Sir John
    • Todd of Abbott
      HRH Virginia, the Queen Mother
      HG Lady Pam
    • TH The Duke and Duchess of Eryia
      • HRH Prince Kyle
  • TH The Duke & Duchess of Palmaire
    • HH Princess Catherine of Palmaire
      • HH Prince Thomas, Duke of Norton
    • TH The Prince & Princess of Palmaire
      • HH Prince Jack, Duke of Postulo
      • HH Princess Bethany of Palmaire

The line of succession to the Eniarkian throne is essentially a compressed compilation of various noble ancestry lists, given the intricacy of the House of Abbott's family tree (the house lineage is combined between separate paternal and maternal branches). Names in italics are deceased members of the immediate royal family.

  • (11) Roger, Earl of Melchin & Irene, Duchess of Eryia
    • Todd of Abbott
      • EN royal crown.png King Aaron I
      • (1) Prince Evan, Prince of August
      • (2) Prince Dylan, Duke of Vicis
    • The Duke & (7) Duchess of Eryia
      • (3) Prince Kyle of Eryia
  • The Duke and (12) Duchess of Palmaire
    • (10) Princess Catherine of Palmaire
      • (5) Prince Thomas, Duke of Norton
    • (8) Virginia, the Queen Mother
    • (9) The Prince & Princess of Palmaire
      • (4) Prince Jack, Duke of Postulo
      • (6) Princess Bethany of Palmaire

Styles and titles

The King employs a variety of different titles, each with their own unique use. The current set of titles is below, as provided by various Orders-in-Council:

(1) Shortened versions, often used in everyday communications:

  • Informal (spoken): His Majesty
  • Informal (written): His Majesty The King
  • Formal: His Majesty The King of Eniarku, Grand Duke of Shaw, et al.

(2) Mid-length versions, typically used in diplomatic context:

  • His Majesty The King of Eniarku, and of His Realms and Territories
  • His Majesty The King of Eniarku, Grand Duke of Shaw, and of His Realms and Territories
  • Designed for passports: His Eniarkian Majesty, King of Eniarku and His Realms and Territories

(3) Long versions, used in formal settings:

  • His Majesty The King of Eniarku, Grand Duke of Shaw, Prince of Abbot, and of His Realms and Territories
  • His Majesty The King of Eniarku, King of Palma, August, Vicis, Mosinee, Grand Duke of Shaw, Prince of Abbott, Duke of Eryia, Palmaire, Norton, Postulo, Ibitea, Earl of Dolonburg, Lancadire, Gelf-Brine, Melchin, Stadtholder of Maide, Lord of Numa, Supreme Commander of the Royal Armed Forces, Grand Master of the Most Noble Order of the King's Crown, Sovereign of the Order of Eniarku, Head of the Most Royal House of Abbott

Other titles

The King also holds several other titles specific to a few of the Crown Realms:

  • in Shaw: 25 December 2015 –: His Serene Highness The Grand Duke of Shaw
  • in Maide: 25 December 2015 –: His Grace The Stadtholder of Maide
  • in Numa: 25 December 2015 –: His Excellency The Lord of Numa


The royal coat of arms of Eniarku are, "Quarterly, I A field of six strips bendy sinister Argent and Gules; II Or a lion rampant on a field of seven strips barry light Azure and Argent; III Vert a bend atop a bend Sable on a field light Or; IV Three strips barry Sable, Argent and Vert." The supporters are two crowned golden lions, and surrounding the shield is a blue ribbon bearing the medal of the Order of the King's Crown. The shield is topped with the royal crown, and the entirety of which is placed on a golden platform over mantling, surmounted by the royal crown once more.

The coat of arms of King Aaron I. The design, in use since the establishment of the Kingdom of Eniarku in 2015, features the arms of the four main realms of the kingdom.

The monarch's official flag is the Royal Standard of Eniarku, which displays the only authorized use of a lesser version of the royal arms. It is flown only from buildings, vessels and vehicles in which the sovereign is present. The Royal Standard, unlike the national flag, is never flown at half-mast because there is always a sovereign; when one dies or abdicates, his or her successor instantly becomes monarch.

When the monarch is not in residence, the national flag is flown at Woodford Palace and other residences.