Monarchy of New Prussia

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Emperor of The Empire of New Prussia
August IV
since 25 May 2018
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveColton, Crown King of New Prussia
First monarchAugust IV
Formation25 May 2018

The Monarchy of New Prussia was formed and established 25 May 2018. The emperor is the head of state of New Prussia. The Emperor/Empress can choose his/her heir to the throne as long it is a person within the royal family. Right now the Emperor of New Prussia is August IV. The heir to the throne is called the Crown King of New Prussia and the current Crown King is Colton. The heir to the throne will receive the title of King/Queen of New Saxony if he/she is over the age of five years. As of June 2, 2021, there is a written constitution.

Powers and duties

The Emperor has the power to

  • Issue Imperial Decrees
  • Appoint government officials
  • Appoint/Vest titles of nobility
  • Veto government decisions
  • Appoint and swear in Chancellor and Vice Chancellor upon winning a general election
  • sign or veto Acts proposed from the New Prussian Imperial Parliament


  • His Imperial Majesty
  • Captain-General of the Imperial Guard
  • Lord Marshal of the Imperial Army
  • Lord Admiral of the Imperial Navy

Line of Succession

living members

deceased members

Current Emperor

Line of succession on the Paternal side

  • King Donald, First member of the house of Harms
    • (4) Emperor-Father Eugene and Grand Prince of Hanover
      • August IV, Emperor of New Prussia and King of New Bavaria
      • (1) Prince Colton, Crown King of New Prussia, Crown Prince of New Bavaria and King of New Saxony
    • (5) Prince Tim
    • (6) Prince Steve

Line of succession on the Maternal side

  • King Lewis II
  • (22) Queen Diana I, current Queen of Biberdamm and Empress-Grandmother of August IV
    • (8) Crown Prince Joseph of Biberdamm
    • (7) Empress-Mother Ann, mother of August IV
      • Princess Briana
        • (3) Prince Reese, Viscount of Wheatland
        • (2) Prince Spencer, Heir Prince of New Saxony
      • August IV, Emperor of New Prussia and King of New Bavaria