Monarchy of Permaria

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Prince Regnant of Permaria
Dustin I
since 15 July 2022
StyleHis Serene Highness
Heir apparentTBD
First monarchDustin I
Formation15 July 2022
ResidenceGlacia Castle

The Monarchy of Permaria is the collective term for the Prince and head of state of the Principality of Permaria, as well as the Princely Family and its associated court.


The prince of Permaria has sweeping political powers, notably veto power and the ability to appoint or dismiss judges and government ministers. The prince also reserves the right to dissolve parliament and call or dismiss referendums. Nominally, the prince is a constitutional monarch who must carry out his duties within the legal boundaries codified in the Permarian constitution, but has the power to call referendums within parliament to revise sections of the constitutions if deemed necessary.

Line of succession

Succession to the princely throne is hereditary, and limited to members of the ruling House of Ó Gairbhith. According to current house law, succession is determined through absolute primogeniture with the oldest child of the reigning monarch, without regard to sex, being eligible to inherit the throne.

List of monarchs

No. Name
Portrait Arms Reign House
1 Dustin I
born 1984
15 July
present Ó Gairbhith Prince Regnant of Permaria
1 year, 2 months, 11 days

Arms and standards

Style and titles

Alternative titles and styles

  • 15 July 2022 – present: His Serene Highness The Prince of Permaria

Full titles as Prince

"His Serene Highness Dustin the First, By the Grace of God, Prince of Permaria, Duke of Glacia, Count of Errington, Sovereign of the House of Ó Gairbhith"