Montanaro-Grande Republic

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Montanaro-Grande Republic
Flag of Montanaro Grande.png
Motto: "Il grande repubblica delle colline." (Italian)
The grand republic of the hills. (English)
Anthem: For the Grand Republic
North America
CapitalPendio City
Official languagesEnglish
Establishment15 March 2014
CurrencyMontanaro dollar
Time zoneCET

The Montanaro-Grande Republic, also known as Montanaro or Montanaro-Grande, was a short-lived micronation active in North America during March 2014. Montanaro was landlocked, and claimed a population of 30. Its capital was Pendio City. 


The Montanaro-Grande Republic was founded on 15 March 2014 by Mark Sejavo. After the establishment of the country, the government was declared a constitutional republic. On 19 March, the Montanaran Authority announced there would only be ten seats within the parliament. The micronation was dissolved on 26 March later that month.

Government and politics

The Montanaro-Grande Republic was a constitutional republic with a president as the head of state. The government was known as the Montanaran Authority, which occupied and controls a small proportion of the territory claimed. The constitution established three branches within the government: the executive branch, judicial branch, and legislative branch. 

The Montanaran president was democratically elected to serve a term of six years. It was the job of the president to approve and veto laws, and could file executive orders when needed.