Mos Engadine

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Mos Engadine
Motto: "Peace in the Desert"
Anthem: Imperial March
CapitalMos Engadine
Official languagesEnglish (Basic)
GovernmentCity Council
• Current leader
Mayor Chiiryno
• Foundation
1st October 2010

Mos Engadine is a city-state micronation located virtually in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. The game has a heavily sandboxed engine which allows players to create their own cities and have houses that can be decorated giving full customisation making it an ideal location for a micronation. In the game it is located on the Test Center Server.


The city is located on the desert planet of Tatooine and as such is a desert city. The terrain is rather bumpy and the city is located in a dip with houses on the hills to either side and the city hall located in the dip at one end. Heading north there are more flatter plains before the hill top town of Wayfar.


The Government is led by a single figure the city Mayor. He is elected monthly using the in game city elections system which has a voting terminal located in the city hall, voting in not compulsory. The city aspect of the game is quite complex and leaves the Mayor responsible for organising Zoning Rights for new structures, managing taxes to fund city facilities like mission terminals and lights and for the placement of city structures such as the Town Square Garden. During October 2010 Governmental reforms took place creating the Senate and associated positions as a local government and lower house.

City Hall


The nation was officially founded as a Micronation on the 1st of October 2010 however the city had been around long before that. It was decided by some of the citizens that making it a independent nation could be fun. Although different from the traditional "bedroom" micronations the citizens class them as one none the less and believe that the systems of the game allow for good micronational experiences. You can have real infrastructure like hospitals, restaurants and transport stations paid for by a realistic tax system something other micronations find hard to emulate.


The nation operates a small police and defence force called the Mos Engadine Army that conducts regular security and border patrols around the nation. Political security is ran by the Mos Engadine National Guard.

Law and order

The city is generally peaceful and to date no arrests have had to be made by the Mos Engadine Army that acts as a police force. Crowd control at City Meetings and border patrols do take place however and are the main role of the security service. After several attacks on transport convoys Army speeders are now guarding Mos Engadine's traders from Wayfar to home despite the juristrictional issues.

The City

The main part of the nation is of course the city itself, although it is in reality little more than a village. Officially it has a radius of 500 meters from the centre of the City Hall by game mechanics although colloquially it only refers to the Town Square and Western Suburbs with the rest being called "The Countryside". At current the city is only small and includes; City Hall, a Cantina, Equipment factory, army tent, Army Base and houses. Most of the city revolves around Town Square which sits in a dip, to the East lays the City Hall, to the north and south rows of houses and to the west it leads to the road up to the Western Suburbs.

Town Square


As the host game providing the space for the existence of this micronation was shut down in December 2011, Mos Engadine has not been active since.

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