Mos Engadine Army

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Mos Engadine Army
& Border Guard
Active 2010–present
Country Mos Engadine
Role Land force
Size 8
Garrison/HQ Fort Engadine
Nickname Stormies
Motto To Protect with Honour
Colors White, Black & Grey
Anniversaries October 1st, 2010
Engagements None
Commander in Chief Capt. Machove
Garrison Commander Sgt. Eviner
2Lt. Chiiryno

The Mos Engadine Army and Border Guard is the only military force in the nation. It is responsible for the protection of the nation and its citizens. Its roles include Border Patrols, Guarding of City Hall and Police Work. The Army operates two bases at current Fort Engadine their main barracks which is currently undergoing a refit and the Mos Engadine Border Tent which serves as a customs checkpoint. Under a special agreement the training of the Mos Engadine National Guard is conducted by the army.

Fort Engadine

Rank Structure

Command Structure

Commander-in-Chief: Overall leader of Forces.

Garrison Commander: Second in Command, responsible for bases.


Captain (Yellow Pauldron)

Lieutenant (Orange Pauldron)

2nd Lieutenant (Orange Pauldron)

Sergeant Major (White Pauldron)

Sergeant (White Pauldron)

Corporal (Black Pauldron)

Land Corporal



Stormtrooper Armour E-11 Assault Rifles

S-R Combat Pistol

74-Z Speederbike

V-35 Transport Speeder



Fort Engadine

Border Tent

ME Border Tent