Most Serene Republic of Saint Andre and Baccalieu

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Most Serene Republic of Saint Andre and Baccalieu
République Très Sereine de Saint André et Baccalieu
Saint Andre Flag.png
Motto: Liberty, Equality and Mutual Respect
Anthem: Cliffs of Baccalieu
File:Baccalieu Island, Canada
Official languagesEnglish, French
GovernmentTriumvirate Direct Democracy
• Chief Executive Officer
Hunter Smith
LegislatureState Assembly
• Census
Time zoneUTC -4

The Most Serene Republic of Saint Andre and Baccalieu, also called the Saint Andre and Baccalieu (French: République Très Sereine de Saint André et Baccalieu), is a self proclaimed Micronation and located on Puffin and Baccalieu Islands in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Claiming an area of five square kilometers and a population of 16, Saint Andre and Baccalieu is a small-sized micronation. Its capital and largest city is Baccalieu-Orabo, with about three kilometers of claimed land.

Saint Andre and Baccalieu is a Triumvirate Direct Democracy with a federal system of governance. The Triumvuirate is made up of a Chief Executive Officer and two Consuls, each are elected every six months with each consul rotating being head of government every three months. The Triumvirate oversees the State Assembly, the all citizen based legislature which meets once every month to propose and debate policy before being sent to the Triumvirate for approval.


The nation is officially called the Most Serene Republic and is a title attached to a number of European states through history. By custom, the appellation "Most Serene" is an indicator of sovereignty. When used in the past, the title "Most Serene Republic" emphasized the sovereignty of the republic.[1]

The name Saint Andre is derived from the Roman Catholic saint, Saint Andrew, saint of French Canadian Sailors and Travelers, the saint was picked due to the areas rich French Canadian history as a historic part of the French colony of Acadia. The name Baccalieu is derived either from the Portuguese bacalhau, Spanish bacalao or the Basque baccalos, all meaning "codfish". Early Portuguese maps dating before Columbus' voyage indicate an island west of the Azores named Terra do Bacalhau which may have been the whole island of Newfoundland. Modern Baccalieu Island was known to Europeans by that name since at least 1556, when it was drawn on the Gastaldi map as "Bacalaos".[2]


Saint Andre and Baccalieu is a federal state and has a Triumvirate as its Head of State. The Triumvirate has a Chief Executive Officer and two Consuls, one from each of the mainland two arrondissements. The first constitution of the Serene Republic sets out the foundation and powers of the state and its institutions. The constitution can only be approved following a majority of the State Assembly and a unanimous approval from the Triumvirate.

Legislative power is invested in the State Assembly, which consists of all citizens of the Serene Republic, which meets once a month for a week to propose and debate policy. Following a general consensus of the State Assembly, the Triumvirate votes on the proposed policy, following approval the policy is signed into law.


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