NWR Conflict

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NWR Conflict
DateMay 2019
Result Wegmat victory
New Wegmat Republic Kingdom of Wegmat
Commanders and leaders
Jack O’rav Vladimir Baruh
~4 ~6

The NWR Conflict, or the Weg Civil War was a civil war spanning 2 months in Bobbygrad. It was the largest conflict in Weg history.


Weg Annexation of Bobbygrad was controversial. Jack O’rav created the terrorist group “NWR” which carried out the first attack in early September.

Bobbygrad Party Bombing

Jack O’rav place a balloon filled with bbs and shot it. Bbs shot out of the balloon hitting several people. It was reported on Wegmat General Broadcaster. The same day the Wegmat Special Police and Investigation investigated the incident. When the NWR was found responsible the WSPI responded.


2 days later the Wegmat Authority ordered Special Police part of the Wegmat Special Police and Investigation. The raid begun at 16:00 on 4 September. Jack O’rav was spotted and the WSPi moved in on Bobby Street In Bobbygrad. The WSPI took cover as NWR freedom fighter were using Automatic weapons against the WSPI. The NWR was almost apprehended as the NWR escaped.


Even though the WSPI Raid was considered the first battle of the war the Wegmat Armed Forces were not deployed until the failed Raid. The WAF attempted an invasion with New Macedonian forces. The 1st Infantry division was attacked on Electric Avenue and Le Moyne Way. The WAF forces attempted to stay at the Stevont Pass. The WAF successfully took the Stevont Pass.

Second Offensive

Newly trained soldiers of the WAF were sent through Priory to Bobbygrad on a sneak attack on the NWR. This was the largest battle. Weg Authorities still could not apprehend NWR members.

Car War

The Car War was the most dangerous battle with a hostage situation. A car window was cracked by the NWR which provoked the 1st Armored Division to go out to Bobbygrad. In response the NWE circled around a building where they moved in. The 1st Infantry was required to go into the building with possible hostages. As violence happened in the apartment the hostages were carried over to the Stevont Pass where Jack O’rav was not found in the building but 2 New Wegmat Republic freedom fighters were arrested.

New Offensive

The WAF started a search of Jack O’rav in Bobbygrad where he wasn’t found.

Bobbygrad Liberation

Jack O’rav was found on 4 November and arrested by the Wegmat Authority after a brief fight. The famous “3 shots” rang out in Weg victory.


Jack O’rav’s trial never happens as Jack kept escaping to the United States where Weg Law Enforcement could not place him back into custody. The political structure of Bobbygrad was severely damaged by the war. Most of Bobbygrad citizens were politically against Wegmat. Bobbygrad later declared independence from Wegmat as the Empire of New Germany.


The war was heavily criticized by the Wegmat Prime Minister, Cole B. and the Microwiki Community. The Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry blamed the war on delaying Wegmat to become a member of the Grand Unified Micronational.