Nathaniel De Witt

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Nathaniel the First
King of De Witt
King of De Witt
Reign1 May 2020; 3 years ago (2020-05-01)
PredecessorThrone established
Born30 December 2002 (2002-12-30) (age 20)
Batesville, Arkansas
HouseDe Witt Dynasty
FatherBarry Dewitt
MotherPennie Dewitt
ReligionSouthern Baptist

Nathaniel De Witt I commonly know either as Larry or Mr. Meme is the first King of De Witt. He established the Kingdom on May 1, 2020 and declared himself King. Nathaniel is also a Professional Memer, Video Editor, and a common theater volunteer. Nathaniel is commonly seen as an ecentric person and has done things in such a manner.

Early life

Young Life

Nathaniel was born in the White River Medical Center in Batesville, Arkansas to his parents Pennie and Barry Dewitt, Arkansas natives. Nathaniel is of Japanese, Dutch and English Descent. His family for his early life grew up rather poor. Nathaniel's family has moved multiple times around the States of Arkansas and Tennessee, Nathaniel has never lived outside those two States. Nathaniel grew up mostly in Memphis, TN with his parents and three siblings. Nathaniel was raised Christian, specifically Southern Baptist. Nathaniel was Baptized at the age of 5. Nathaniel is homeschooled.

Life Leading up to becoming a Micronationalist

Later life

Nathaniel's social life was primarily at his church Bellevue Baptist Church, Nathaniel had many friends there and was very active in the church. Nathaniel a frequent memer, and active member of Reddit, 4Chan, and 9gag created an instagram account called the "Student Memeistry" (now The Memeistry) in an attempt to create Christian niche memes and become known for them. Nathaniel soon got a job and was rather happy and contempt with life having found a meaning to his life Nathaniel was planning on selling off The Memeistry before the "Covid-19 war" as Nathaniel called it.

Micronational career

The Covid-19 War

Nathaniel during March 2020 heard of Covid-19, at the time Nathaniel had took a big hit to his motivation to continue work after a fall out with a person Nathaniel considered close. Nathaniel knew his parents would not allow for him to quit his job but he had determined he had nothing left to lose. Nathaniel quit his job a month after he started, his parents took away everything in a way to "punish" him. Nathaniel had made it up in his mind that he was at war with the system he lived in. Nathaniel's first strike was through his school laptop, Nathaniel wiped it and proceeded to install vpn's, Mac address spoofers, and other means of concealing his device from his lurking parents. Nathaniel got away with it for a while before being caught. Nathaniel eventually made his parents come to a agreement that they wouldn't install any new stuff on his computer to watch with in return he would stop rebelling.


Nathaniel with a victory under his belt and a new sense of identity and pride began reconstructing his life, Nathaniel enlighted by his movement knew others lived in the same conditions if not much worse. Nathaniel out of boredom on Discord came across some Micronationalist through a game called "AtWar" Nathaniel eventually came along to the MicroWiki and started the Kingdom of Memeistry Nathaniel knew of Micronations like The Principality of Sealand, and The Republic of Molossia before he ever became a Micronationalist. Nathaniel would found the Kingdom of Memeistry around the Instagram account he created.

Meme career


Nathaniel got involved in Memes and in 2013 starting with making simple memes on Reddit through r/dankmemes and r/memes. Nathaniel by 2014 was proficent enough of a memer he bagan looking to find new places to get better templates and content. Nathaniel would join multiple subs and by late 2015 move to use 4Chan as his main source and eventually outlet for meme sharing.


Nathaniel would go on to join 4Chan at the ripe age of 12 becominig one of the Youngest 4Chan members, Nathaniel would make "normie" memes for a while before being proclaimed a "dank memer" by a fellow anon. Nathaniel would involve himself in multiple 4Chan raids including: Habbo Hotel "Pool is Closed" Dec 1st, 2017, He will not devide us 2017-on going, and The Great Meme War 2016-2017. Nathaniel would learn how to find locations, people, and information through the web, this would lead to Nathaniel using this knowledge and skill to find "gossip" instagram accounts owners and contact information. Nathaniel likes to refer to himself as a "Veteran of the Great Meme War" and "Sgt. of the 32nd /Pol/ Division." Nathaniel while an active member of 4Chan maintained his Christian focused political views. (surprisingly)


Nathaniel by 2018 would finally get his hands on an Instagram account and would soon after creating his account would go out and create a meme account. Nathaniel would focus on Christian memes along with Church related memes, by late 2019 Nathaniel would begin playing with "memetic warfare" in a means of further enhancing his meme skills. In early 2020 Nathaniel would lose access to The Memeistry, Nathaniel would remain "off the grid" to many of his followers and friends before establishing the Kingdom.

Theater Volunteering

Nathaniel every 6 months takes part in 2 productions done by his church their Christmas program, and their Vacation Bible School program. Nathaniel usually has a special part in regards to dancing but has never held a special acting role. Nathaniel has auditioned for all kinds of acting, dancing and even singing roles, Nathaniel is a favorite of the choreographer as he is a quick learner and picks up dances easily.


Nathaniel being very involved in his church spends a lot of his time in the Summer volunteering with his church for multiple things. Nathaniel has been on Student Leadership trips, local mission projects, student choir trips, and summer camps with his church. Nathaniel is a well known and somewhat reputable person, although his endevors in fields that are sometimes seen as morally grey are questioned.