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Type of site
Government Simulation Game
OwnerMax Barry
Created byMax Barry
Geoff Wong
Gregory Rubin
Mark Tiefenbruck
Launched13 November 2002[1]
Current statusActive

NationStates is a free browser-based government simulation game[2] created and currently owned by Max Barry[3]. It is a platform for geofictional nations[4], leading it to become frowned upon by some members of the micronationalist community[5]. It is not unknown however for micronations to host themselves on the site[6][7], and even for said geofictional nations to later reform into micronations[8].

The online political game was created by Max Barry[9] and was loosely based on his novel Jennifer Government[3].

In April 2008, a sequel developed by Jolt Online Gaming [10] named NationStates 2 was announced[11], and invited 500 players in a closed beta in August[12]. The open beta was released in November 2008[13]. Business relations soured between Barry and Jolt following the latter's acquisition by OMAC Industries, who began to pressure the author to close down the original game[10] and ceased paying royalties[14].

In July 2009, Jolt sent out an email announcing the game was being taken down to perform substantial retooling[15]. Following the games closure, the site was wiped entirely, leading to Barry reacquiring the domain name and directing viewers to the original game[16].

Micronations on NationStates

Micronations have been known to originate from NationStates, host information on the site or even somewhat co-exist[6][5].
      Active NS Presence
      Former NS Presence[a]

Flag Name Founding Date
Republic of Hilbert Dimension 23 November 2019
Country of Aresia Unknown
Communist People's Republic of Strathy 14 July 2009
Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor 28 April 2014
Federation of Mistakian-Timberia 5 November 2018
Kingdom of Astroika 10 July 2014
Kingdom of Kohlandia[17] 30 August 2019
Kingdom of Nugensil[18][19] Unknown
Kingdom of Sayville 25 December 2018
Merit State of Regelis[b] 22 November 1999
Principality of Ledilia[20] 14 February 2019
Principality of Lisseum[21] 28 April 2019
Principality of Tomeone[22] 23 June 2012
Principality of Troowoo 3 June 2017
Republic of Malavnia 8 April 2016
Republic of Heist-op-den-Berg 17 September 2010
Republic of Matthewopia 25 April 2015
Sovereign Nishtic Paragon[23] Unknown
United Socialist States of FrancoCanada 7 February 2006
Zantriun Federal Republic Unknown


  1. Colours applied to table when confirmed information available. Greyed out cells are indeterminate.
  2. Known at the time as the Kaosian Republic.


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