Nation of Durkadurkagradstania

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The Nation of Durkadurkagradstania
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Nation of Durkadurkagradstania]]
Motto: Latra vens yime Ojin!
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Establishment26 January 2006
• Census

Durkadurkagradstania was a micronation within the country of Canada, and was located within the province of Saskatchewan. It claimed 2 isolated, uninhabited islands, which are mainly flat and forested.


Early History

Durkadurkagradstania was founded on 26 January 2006. It was created by its 3 original, and present, government members. Matthew Smith-Neuert was appointed Presenkragen (a Mikolian term, literally "Present Leader"), Mike Cleveland was appointed the Vice Presenkragen, and Jesse Walby was appointed the War General. From this point on, the micronation of 3 members soon grew as each member recruited people from the school they were attending.

Soviet Influence

Several Durkadurkagradstanian symbols and terms can be connected to the Soviet Union. The 3 original MKP's (Members of Kragen Plaza) had a strong interest in World War II history, and along with that a strong interest in the Soviet Union. At first, the micronation was even considered the last remaining satellite of the Soviet Union, but this ideology was soon dropped. Governmental dress, as well as military dress, were strongly Soviet influenced, and had some World War II German influence (no swastikas, SS, etc, Durkadurkagradstania holds a very strong platform against fascism.)


Although Durkadurkagradstania's independence has not yet been formally declared, among it's people the date is that of Vlashiv, or 26 January 2006.

1 November 2008 Recitizenization

As of 1 November 2008 all Durkadurkagradstanian Citizenships have been suspended, as all Citizens must fill out new, more informative Citizenship Application Forms. This will also help to see how many active members are within Durkadurkagradstania. Government positions will remain.


The date of its disestablishment seems to be uncertain, but it is currently defunct for unknown reasons.


Durkadurkagradstania is a Constitutional Monarchy, with the Presenkragen as the ruling monarch. The Vice Presenkragen is in charge of Kragen Plaza (Kragen Plaza translates to "Leader Plaza", and is the Durkadurkagradstanian version of Parliament). The current government was created by appointment of individuals who felt they could handle the position they wanted and this worked out quite well. The Constitution that Durkadurkagradstania enforces, is the Ptyxurian Constitution (the Constitution created by one of Durkadurkagradstania's former allies, Ptyxur, who unfortunately collapsed). There is only one political party, since the government has not yet been challenged. To date, the party in control of the country does not abide by a name, but could simply be called the Party of the Right.


Durkadurkagradstania currently operates by city states, meaning that each city is considered to be a different state. The capital city state is Vokinhsalk, and it is here that Kragen Plaza is located. The second state, the industrial state, is Tromovolkistanikihalla-allahgrad (pronounced "Tromo-voke-ah-stan-ih-kih-hallah-allah-grad). The industrial state was added to Durkadurkagradstania as of 21 October 2008. The Presenkragen is in charge of Vokinhsalk, the Vice Presenkragen administrates Tromovolkistanikihalla-allahgrad, and the War General administrates Mingyland.

The flag for the Capital city of Vokinhsalk.
The flag for the Industrial city of Tromovolkistanikihalla-allahgrad.

It should also be noted that each city has its own flag.


The Credo of Durkadurkagradstania, recited upon becoming a new citizen of the country, was created 26 January 2006. It expresses the objectives of the micronation and its beliefs. It is written in English and translated into Mikolian below.

Freedom comes before Profit,
Honor before Profit,
People before Profit,
No one person is better or lower than any other person,
Together WE are Brothers and Sisters; we are a Family,
We will work together to reach our goals,
I will lend my services to others in times of need,
I am a true citizen of Durkadurkagradstania
Freytum heisse prevyit Profka,
Hanja prevyit Profka,
Har prevyit Profka,
Nyet stula harset eis yehsha yi lawjer yut anna ojuh harset,
Solventia harus unt Brajja und Sikka; harus unt th’ Famchka,
Harus billen travaille solventia jiman extension harur objectifa,
Ha billen lendt mein servika jiman ojuh ein tahmen ka assistantia,
Ha fr’th’ vrai chitizenka auf Durkadurkagradstania


The members of Durkadurkagradstania came from numerous backgrounds. They include:

  • German
  • Irish
  • Scottish
  • Welsh
  • Norwegian
  • Ukrainian


Durkadurkagradstania also had its own informational services via popular sites such as Youtube and Blogger. These institutions are controlled by the Minister of Media and Propaganda, Thomas J. Wilson.

Durkadurkagradstania's Youtube page

Traditions, and Important Dates

26 January 2006

Vlashiv (pronounced "Vlash-ee-vey"), Date to commemorate the founding of the micronation. It was usually celebrated similar to a 4 July celebration in the USA.


The national sport of Durkadurkagradstania was paintball. The government strongly encouraged people to get into the sport.

Mead Making

Durkadurkagradstania was renowned for its Apple-strawberry mead.

Hunting and Fishing

The original MKP's were avid outdoorsmen, hence this interest has carried through to the interest of the country.


Durkadurkagradstania was founded upon the principles of Christianity, although several denominations are included through its members. A Celtic-styled cross can be found on the Country's flag. Later on, the country's MKP's hold a very strong platform against abortion and eugenics.