National Army of Faltree

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National Army of Faltree
Flag of the National Army of Faltree
Founded4 July 2021
Country State of Faltree
RoleGround warfare
La Victoire est à Nous
Commander of FaltreeJacob Vancapelle
Chief of StaffJaime P. III
Minister of WarJonathan Gundy

The National Army of Faltree is the official land warfare branch of the Faltrian military. It was formed on 4 July 2021 after a demand for centralization of the Faltrian military apparatus. Multiple regiments made up the entire army with 3 regiments being active service. The National Army of Faltree was dissolved by order of the Commander on the 30th of July 2022, being replaced by a de-centralized network of independently operated civilian territorial defense militias. It was reformed on 21 November 2022 after the Military Reformation Act [1].


Active regiments

Insignia Name Regimental Leader Size Formation
1st Infantry Regiment Hunt Powell 7 6 July 2021
2nd (Faltrian-Tueoedeth) Infantry Regiment Isaac J. White 1 Unknown

Active brigades

Insignia Name Leader Size Formation
1st Red Brigade "John Brown" Owen Bean ~1 26 November 2022

Defunct regiments

Insignia Name Colonel Size Formation Dissolution
3rd (Breuckelen) Infantry Regiment Fredrick M. 1 13 March 2022 30 July 2022
Canvian Grenadiers Owen Bean 1 6 July 2021 ???