National Congress (Georgienstine)

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National Congress

Congrès national (French)
17th National Congress
Coat of arms or logo
HousesNational Congress
Founded20 January 2018
Thomas Jacobs
since 6 January 2023
Majority Leader
Alexandre Olivier (GF)
since 11 September 2021
Minority Leader
May Junkin (IND)
since 6 January 2023
Majority Whip
Roy Jackson (GF)
since 28 May 2022
Minority Whip
Nicolas Caiazzo (LB)
since 6 January 2023
Raphaël Olivier (GF)
since 20 January 2018
  • 16 Representatives
Congress January 23.svg
Political groups
Majority Caucus (9)
  •   Georgienstine First: 9 seats

Minority Caucus (7)

  •   Vision Georgienstine: 6 seats
    •   Left Bloc: 6 seats
    •   Independent : 1 seat
  •   Reform: 1 seat
Party-list proportional representation
D'Hondt method
Last election
3-4 January 2023
Meeting place
Discord (de facto)
1 Castel Street (de jure)

The National Congress (French: Congrès national) is the unicameral legislature of the Federal Republic of Georgienstine. The Congress is composed of 16 elected congresspeople. The Congress is charged with the passage of federal legislation, known as bills, which are sent to the president for consideration. The Congress also has exclusive powers: it initiates all revenue bills, impeaches federal officers, and elects the president if the two candidates in the runoff are tied. The Congress meets in the south wing of 1 Castel Street. The composition and powers of the National Congress are established by Article One of the Georgienstinian Constitution.[1]

The presiding officer is the Speaker of the National Congress, who is elected by the members thereof. The Speaker and other Floor Leaders are chosen by the Majority Caucus or the Minority Caucus, depending on which party controls the Majority Caucus.