National Convention of Citizens

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National Convention of Citizens
Political opinion of the Citizens. Blue = one believes in a small limited goivernment (i.e. Said person is considered libertarian.) Light green= a more centrist outlook believing that certain (limited) wealth redistribution by the state is necessary. Black = unknown
CountryFree Empire of Highland
Current ChairmanMr H Whittingham
Number of seatsn/a all citizens guaranteed places
Branch of governmentLegislative and Adjudicative
Exclusive power overGranting approval of bills, approving declaration of war, approving constitutional amendments, trying citizens

The National Convention of Citizens is the legislative body and the court of the Free Empire of Highland. The Convention was established on the 26th December 2016 on the adoption on the constitution. When the first and incumbent chairmen is the Federal Consul (Mr H Whittingham.)

When the body is carrying out its judicial function a person accused of a crime must be found guilty by more than 50% of the citizenry sitting. Then the National Convention of Citizens may impose a fine on them, though this is limited to damages + 10 Highlandian Sheilds. The National Convention has never tried anyone as the nation has extremely low crime rates.

The National Convention of Citizens act as the judicial (see law and order) and the legeslative branch. Any citizen may take his/her seat and propose legislation which will pass with a majority (unless it is a constitutional amendment, in which case it will only pass with a two thirds vote in favour, supermajority).

Whilst only 41.6% of the population make their positions known at the National Convention of Citizens most of these prefer a very small, very restricted government. This has been the position of the majority of the country's population since its founding. (See chart above.)

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