National Democratic Party (Camuria)

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National Democratic Party
LeaderDaniel Hill
ChairpersonDaniel Hill
Founded27 May, 2009
HeadquartersHill's Town, Althacia
IdeologyNationalism, Centralisation,
ColorsGreen, Gold

The National Democratic Party of Camuria-Althacia, (commonly referred to as the NDP or the National Democrats) was founded on 27 May 2009 after the merger of the Camurian National Party and the Democratic Party of Camuria. The two political parties joined after two days of talks between members of both Parties.


The National Democratic Party is currently chaired by Daniel Hill, and has been since 4 August 2009. Only the main halves of the previous two each Parties was chosen, while the less active halves of both Parties members were requested to work for other organs of the government.


Internal Policies

One of the Party's main internal policies is to give independence to Camuria's distant colonies and expand territories nearer to the Camurian motherland to secure Camuria's interests and keep the Armed Forces closer to home, incase the current diplomatic tensions expolde into another expected conflict. After the rise of Daniel Hill as Party Chairman new policies concerning major shifts in Party Policy and aiming towards a more centralised government.

Foreign Policies

After the Party Chairman was involved in international talks the National Democratic Party has introduced a new policy concerning a more Centralist position. Party policy also advocates an openness towads the rest of the world and promote Camuria's international interest and shift from Conservative isolationism.