National Democratic Party (Plushunia)

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National Democratic Party
PresidentIepure Portocaliu
FoundedDecember 2019
Membership (2020)~20
Political positionRight-wing
SloganStrength and Unity
Seats in the Plushunian Parliament
3 / 31

The National Democratic Party (Romanian: Partidul Național Democrat, abbreviation: PND) is a nationalist, conservative Plushunian party formed in late 2019 through the merger of the Plushunian National Unity Party and the Unity and Solidarity Party. It is a small party, having 2 seats (10%) in the Plushunian Parliament, also being the only nationalist party in Plushunia. Currently PND is in opposition, having participated though in the Hop II (before 9 June 2020) and Slobozeanu I cabinets. The highest office ever held by a National Democratic Party member is that of President of the Parliament, occupied by PND leader Iepure Portocaliu between July and September 2020.


The most recent from a series of nationalist parties whose origin can be tracked back to the National Front, the National Democratic Party was founded in December 2019, by the merger of the Unity and Solidarity Party (a short-lived political movement founded by future PND leader Iepure Portocaliu, which was formed after the nationalist wing of the Save Plushunia Union decided to break away from the party in October 2019) and the Plushunian National Unity Party (which was founded by a dissident, radical wing of the National Front which split from the party in August 2019 when it decided to merge with the Democratic Party). Immediately after the merger, a Congress of the new party was held, former Unity and Soliarity leader Iepure Portocaliu was elected the leader of the PND and the doctrine of the party (a combination of nationalism, conservatism and right-wing populism) being established and officialized within the party's manifesto.

During the following weeks, the party strengthened the partnership its two predecessors have started with the Democratic Party (a formerly centrist party which sharply turned towards right-wing politics after absorbing two smaller right-wing parties and after the centrist leadership, held responsible for the party's defeat in the September and October 2019 elections, was replaced with a right-wing one led by Iepuroi Hop), Democrat leader Iepuroi Hop's desire to build a right-wing coalition to counter the Liberal - Social Democrat grand coalition which governed the country at the time and the increasing ideological proximity between the parties easing the collaboration between them. Thus, the two parties signed a reciprocal support agreement for the run-off of the December local election (the National Democrats and Democrats deciding to field separate candidates, but to support each other's candidates if they reach the run-off) and a political collaboration protocol (in which the two parties agreed to support each other's political projects, form a government coalition as soon as possible and combine their efforts to overthrow the current coalition) in January, and the PND participated as a supporting party in the Democrats' campaign against the Purcel V government, the party's single MP voting in favor of the motion of no confidence against the government, taking part in successfully overthrowing it.

The PND went on to remain as a partner of the Democratic Party (later Democratic Liberal Party, shortened PDL) during the next few months, however, following the adoption of austerity measures by the PDL-led cabinet in order to curb the economic decline which started because of the COVID-19 pandemic and to fund a recovery plan, the PND condemned the decision and withdrew from the government, starting a massive anti-austerity and anti-PDL campaign which drew voters from all over the political spectrum, but mostly from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), to the National Democrats, the latter doubling their vote share in polls in less than 3 weeks, the party winning a record-high 20.2% of the vote in the first round of the June local elections, surpassing the PSD and managing to get its candidates in 2 (Argeș and Plușenii Noi) of the 6 municipalities into the second round, none were elected though as Mayors.


Electoral results

Legislative elections

Election Alliance Percentage Seats won Government
Feb 2020
8.44 / 100
2 / 20
Yes PD - PND - PLD - UNPP government (Feb. - Jun. 2020)
No Opposition to PDL minority government (Jun. - Jul. 2020)
Yes PSD - AL - PND government (Jul. - Sep. 2020)
Sep 2020
16.43 / 100
3 / 25
No Opposition to PDL - AL government (Sep. - Dec. 2020)
Support for PDL minority government (Dec. 2020 - Mar. 2021)
Mar 2021
14.12 / 100
3 / 31
No Opposition to PDL government (Mar. 2021–present)

Local elections

Election Alliance Percentage
(1st round)
Seats after
Dec 2019
8.01 / 100
0 / 7
Jun 2020
20.17 / 100
0 / 7
Dec 2020
17.39 / 100
1 / 7