National Electoral Board

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National Electoral Board
Badan Pemilu Nasional
Agency overview
FormedSeptember 2011
DissolvedJune 2013 (last active)
Agency executive

National Electoral Board (Indonesian: Badan Pemilu Nasional, abbreviation NEB or BPN) was an electoral commission set up to manage Indokistani general elections and referendums. The commission was ad-hoc as it only active several months before upcoming elections, and was disbanded after the entire process of the election was concluded.

It was established in September 2011 in order to prepare the presidential election at that time, and for the last time activated in June 2013 to manage the presidential election on the period.


NEB was established in August 2011 under the Prime Minister office in order to set the first presidential election. Besides to prepare election logistics including ballot paper and ballot box, and set the voting booth in Jumstraad, the commission also filters presidential candidates, with three candidates approved and one rejected. NEB conducts on the 2011 election was deemed professional and it was hailed as successful. 2011 election was the precedent on the responsibilities of the NEB on the succeeding election.

The commission also manages the 2012 constitutional referendum, 2013 referendum, and 2013 presidential election. Starting from 2013 referendum, the NEB decided to use electronic voting method to allow access for Indokistani abroad and to adapt on the expanding Indokistani territory, especially after the Provisional Government period.

2013 presidential election was the last time the commission was activated. After the establishment of the Federal State of Indokistan in July 2013, the supreme National Forum renders the electoral commission obsolete, since the entire electoral process was transferred to the direct democratic Forum.


There were three main tasks of the NEB during their tenure. The first was to ensure a free and fair conduct of elections in Indokistan. NEB also was a candidate filter, with ability to accept or reject candidacy of individual. NEB also manage voter registration and records voter lists. The tasks later extended to includes referendum since 2012.


No. Name Term of office Elections/referendums
1 Mustafa Hakim
September 2011
2011 presidential election
2 Ali Akbar October 2011 August 2012 2012 referendum
3 Mustafa Hakim August 2012 July 2013 2013 referendum
2013 presidential election