National Militia

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National Militia
Established 18 December 2016
Country Free Empire of Highland
Commander-in-chief Mr H Whittingham
General information
Headquarters None official
Personnel 12 can be called up in a time of attack
Standard weapon Wooden/metal baton/golf club
Standard assault weapon Slingshot/catapault filled with plums or other fruit

The National Militia is the land warfare branch of the Free Empire of Highland. It was formed on the founding of the country in order so that a force could be raised if the country is ever in immediate danger. However it can only be raised by a vote in the National Convention of Citizens.

Conscription has been outlawed since the adoption of the constitution, therefore if and when the Militia is raised it will be purely on a voluntary basis.

Weapons will be provided by the citizens therefore there are no official weapons. Although popular weapons thought to be possessed included golf clubs. And catapults from which berries or other fruit can be fired. Which can stain the shirts of opponents.

The commander of the National Militia is the only full time position withtin the National Militia, elected by the National Convention of Citizens. Since its inception the post has been held by the Federal Consul Mr H Whittingham. The commander is responsible for organising training sessions among the recruits and leading the National Militia if it needs to be raised.

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