National Monarchists

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National Monarchists
LeadersMax Stenner
Andrew Perdomo
FoundedJuly 21, 2021
HeadquartersGyumurat, Aswington
Internal factions
Political positionRight-wing
Member partiesMonarchist Party
National Party
Seats in the National Assembly
2 / 10
0 / 3

The National Monarchists (Spanish: Monarquistas Nacionales) is a political alliance in Aswington.


The coalition is constituted on July 21, 2021, with a view to participate in the local elections to be held this year. The coalition is formed by the Monarchist Party and the National Party, both opposition parties in the country. It is co-led by Max Stenner and Andrew Perdomo.


The political coalition establishes the following in its program:

  1. Establishment of a monarchical system in the country.
  2. Implement a nationalist policy in the country.
  3. Defend the national sovereignty.
  4. Create strong alliances with other countries.


Name Ideology Position Leader National Assembly
Monarchist Party
Partido Monárquico
Monarchism Right-wing Max Stenner
1 / 10
National Party
Partido Nacional
Conservatism Right-wing Andrew Perdomo
1 / 10

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