National Utopia

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National Utopia
Founding principles

Holy Vedas
Hindavi Swaraj
Integral Humanism

Notable National Utopians

Rahul Bagda
Santosh Yadav
Abhishek Singh Meena

Principle/Official ideology of:

Aryavart Empire

Types of government specific to micronationalism

National Utopia is a social, political and economical system developed by the Hindutva leader and Emperor of Aryavart Empire- Harshvardhan. It stresses upon the correct distribution of power between the government and the people for the fastest development and longest possible existence of the civilization. It is highly influenced by Dattopant Thengadi's Third Way, Deendayal Upadhyaya's Integral Humanism and governance of Shivaji Raje. But Vedic Civilization remains the largest single contributor to the ideology and principles of National Utopia. Many communists claim that its basically a socialist ideology and fascist claim its a fascist ideology. But actually, its neither fascist nor communist. Its a conservative right wing ideology which appears to be leftist as view of Holy Vedas are like today's modern leftism.

Basics of National Utopia

People's unity and collective identification make the basics of nation. People are the indispensable part of the nation. State is formed when government claims a land. A powerful state is created when state control the land they claim by there military. Government is the indispensable part of the state. Both state and nation are indispensable part of civilization. So there should be such distribution of power between state and nation, that is government and people which insures both the fastest possible development of the civilization and its longest existence. Without the correct power distribution(not talking up of equal distribution) this can never be achieved. The more stable factor should be given more power. Society should be given more power the government. Government would have more power in certain fields which we would discuss later in the page. Reason behind giving more power to people, that is society is that government may change due to many reasons. But society is much stable and takes a long process to change, given they strongly believe in there ideals. And we wouldn't use term power much. As we believe it the labour. Labour for the good of the civilization.

Distribution of labour

This section would discuss the division of labour or duties between the society and the people in details.

The Society

All Citizens must be ensured with free education, free food and water, free health care, free health care and opportunity to live a dignified life. Education, food and water security and availability, judiciary and job security would be undertaken by the social institutions called 'JanSansad' which literally means 'Parliament of People'. There would be a fair chance to rise in this JanSansads according to your qualification and quality.

Master JanSansad

The must be a master JanSansad to moniter, advice, give fund from taxation, donation, etc. to other JanSansads and make combined desicions. All other JanSansads would send there 10 representatives each to the master JanSansad. Emperor with 15 representatives would also be the member. It would be headed by the head elected by the members of Master JanSansad. All other JanSansad have to change their representatives every 3 years. This would make the decison making committee of the Master JanSansad. Master JanSansad's officers would moniter all other JanSansads.


Education would be free and compulsory for every citizen up to Graduation. Education JanSansad would manage the funds it get from the society and build schools, para-schools and university across the state and appoint teachers would also be the part of Education JanSansad. Education JanSansad would take care of the training teachers.
Syllabus making committee of Education JanSansad would be composed of well known and top scientists, social workers, masters of various subject, minister of education and 2 education ministry agents of the state. It would recommend syllabus. And then books would be written by the good university students as an assignment. The best books would be studied and best among them would be published through out the state.

Health Care

Just like Education, Health care would be free for all citizen and manage all the funds from the society. It would have doctors, nurses and other required people working under it. It would intake building of Hospitals and other health centers across the state.

Food and Water Security

Food and water security would be under taken by Food and Water security JanSansad. This JanSansad would be head of all the agricultural cooperatives and would instruct them orders which is good for the nation and the farmers. It would decide the prices of crops and free food and water to poor. It would launch its own water management and harvesting projects. Like others it would manage fund it get from the society.

Job Security

Job security is the one of the key role of a society. If there is Job security then and only then there would be a good development of the people and they could be good, honest and truthful. Job Security Sansad would take care of Job security in the state. It would regularly survery the availablity of employment in the state. It would help the cooperatives to provide more jobs. It would help people to start there own work and cooperatives by funding, assisting and encouraging them. It would also manage its fund from society.


Judiciary wouldn't be undertaken by the normal JanSansads. The respect and trusted people in the society who have done excellent work and have won the trust of people would be appointed as judges. There wouldn't be any lawyers. Judiciary would have investigating agents specialized in there work of investigation. Two teams of investigating agents would investigate for both sides. And the judge would take adequate action according to the constitution and penal code by hearing both sides and viewing the investigation reports. There would be 3 levels of Judiciary. Local, Provincial and National Judiciary. After these 3 levels, one can ask for forgiveness from the Emperor. Emperor have right to forgive. But if ¾ National Judges sign against the forgiveness, then the accused would be given punishment according to the punishment suggested by the National Court. It would too manage its fund from the society.

The Government

Government's role is also extremely important in the development of civilization. Government's key roles are:

  • Maintaining the National security from foreign threats.
  • Maintaining the internal security by police and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Funding and also starting the scientific research and development agencies.
  • Assist and Help Job Security JanSansad. And also create independent Job creation programs.
  • Monitor all the system though spies.
  • Maintain the dignity of the nation.
  • Pass laws and make changes to the constitution.
  • Making the main economic policies according to which all cooperatives work.

Above are the key roles of the Government.

Government Structure

Emperor would be the head of the state as well as the government. He would be the head of the Sansad (Parliament). The well known and important scholars would also be the members of the parliament. They would constitute the Council of Intellectuals. There would be a Prime Minister Head of the Council of Ministers and other ministers. Both Council of Ministers and Council of Intellectuals would advice Emperor in the decisions. Though, Emperor would be independent in his decisions.

Removal of Ministers, Intellectuals and the Emperor

Ministers and Intellectuals might be removed if motion passes against them. For that 1/2 of the Sansad must agree on it. Emperor could also be changed if 3/4 of Sansad, 2/3 of the JanSansad members agree on it. New Emperor would be chosen by the Sansad. But he has to be a HINDU.


The biggest bondage of today is by no doubt, working for others. But we want to eliminate the term worker itself. Everybody should be the owner. Except the cottage industries where workers right would be carefully watch upon, there is practically no worker in national Utopia. No big company would be allowed. It has to be a cooperative where money is shared according to the work done and position. Promotions would fair. And the people working with the JanSansads would be called officers. They would be paid according to work done.
Foreign trade would be maily limited to trusted nations. Government would make the centeral economic polocies which all the rest have to follow.


To form a fastest progression civilization, you need a unified nation-state, correct distribution of power and the duties between the people and the government. The role of government should be minimal in life of people and people should be able to rule themselves by their institutions. The role of government should be limited to the defence and central unified policies and the protection of the constitution.
But to implement this, first government have to make instituions and train people to use them.

Types of government specific to micronationalism