National anthem of Abelden

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The Abeldane Call
LyricsPatrick Renwick
MusicMarthinus Lourens de Villiers
Adopted6 April 2018
Music sampleThe Abeldane Call

The Abeldane Call is the national anthem of The Abeldane Empire. It was adopted in April 2018 to replace the Königgrätzer Marsch, which had been adopted as anthem with the Establishment of Abelden in 2014. The music, composed in 1921 by Marthinus Lourens de Villiers as Die Stem van Suid-Afrika served as the official anthem of South Africa.


Die Stem van Suid-Afrika, originally composed by Marthinus Lourens de Villiers in 1921, was the anthem of South Africa jointly or singularly between 1938 and 1997.

Following independence, Abelden had use the Königgrätzer Marsch as its anthem, with lyrics later added by Patrick Renwick. By 2017 however, ideas about replacing this anthem with Die Stem van Suid-Afrika began circling in the government, though nothing came of it. Later, in 2018, Renwick wrote a set of Abeldane lyrics to the tune of Die Stem, and brought the national anthem question back into discussion, culminating in the adoption of the anthem by the Reichsversammlung in April 2018.


Stretching from the warmest deserts,
To the mightiest snow capped peaks!
From the greenest ancient forests,
To mightiest deep blue sea!
Our blue, white and green banner
Floats proudly above the earth,
Our banner floats so proudly
O'er this land that gave us birth!
Through our grand and old traditions
'We shall proudly serve the throne,
Like a stout unfaltering mountain
We'll protect our land and home!
A great call comes from the mountains,
A great call comes from the dale!
We shall live and die for freedom,
For this land that we call our home!
When the Six all stand united
A prosperous realm steps forth!
Though divided by great oceans,
The Six stand here all in force!
All united by one Emperor,
All United by one flag,
The great states of our homeland
Are what make us grand and strong!