National anthem of Dorzhabad

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'O'er a Land, all draped in victory' (Alternatively 'Our Dorzhabad; Fair') is the national anthem of the Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad.


The National Anthem of Dorzhabad was originally composed by Gustav Holst (who composed the 'Planets' Suite), taken from his piece 'Jupiter'. The Tune is also used as a Patriotic hymn of Great Britain here named I Vow to thee my country


O’er a Land, all draped in victory, a Gallant Banner Flies,

In a Strong and radiant western wind, hark, e're its sons, Arise.

We stand, aloft on Valour, we stand, with life on Lead,

All gathered here anointed, waving Black, and white, and red.

A dream that was so lasting, of her that stands the earth

Of the land of all old champions, a land of gift and worth

On the plains, of Great Britannia, Our Country's Heart was found

Witness here, our declaration, we are not England-bound!

Long life, to our Forests, Long Life to our land

Growing upward and outward; our peoples triumph grand

All bound, in love and loyalty, all joined as one in Prayer;

to heaven, a wondrous epic, "our Dorzhabad, Fair!"

<Alternate last section of the 2nd verse>

(Though Governments deny us, their loud and awful cry

A Reply, we echoe proudly, "It is our right, so why?"!)