National monument (Austenasia)

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A national monument is, under the laws of the Empire of Austenasia, a "site or structure within Austenasia of importance to the culture and/or history" of the Empire. Sites or structures of a similar sort which are located outside of Austenasia are designated heritage sites.

National monuments as an institution were established by the Monuments and Heritage Act 2017 in December of that year. A national monument is designated as such by the Minister for Culture and thereafter receives a charter mandating rules for its preservation and maintenance. This charter is agreed upon by the Minister for Culture with the Representative, Governor, or Governing Commissioner of the administrative division in which the monument is to be found (with the approval of the Prime Minister also required for monuments within the capital). Violation of the terms of a charter to the extent of damaging the monument is a second-class felony.

List of national monuments

Photograph Name Location Designated on
Wrythe Pet Cemetery Wrythe Public Park, Wrythe 30 April 2018
Palasia Pet Cemetery Joyce Memorial Garden, Palasia 10 November 2020
Monument and William.JPG
Imperium Park Zweiwasser, Nahona 28 July 2021