National symbols of Bonumland

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Clockwise from top-left: national flag, national dish (beef wellington), Great Seal of Bonumland, national plant (sacred lotus), pride flag of Bonumland, national sport (basketball), royal standard, national animal (eagle); middle: coat of arms

The national symbols of Bonumland were established at the adoption of the Declaration of Establishment on 23 May 2015, and constitutes anything that is emblematic of any aspect of Bonumlandian society or culture. The flag, coat of arms, and anthem are the oldest national symbols to date having been adopted in May 2015. In most circumstances, the national symbols of Bonumland use a blue-green color scheme and follow a distinct pixelated style, such as that of the coat of arms. To some extent, national symbols are also defined as elements of culture, such as the de facto national dish, beef wellington, and de facto national sport, basketball. At the macronational level, Bonumlandian symbols are expressed through signage on vehicles, buildings, or other private property.