National symbols of Ikonia

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This article lists notable national symbols of the Kingdom of Ikonia.


Flag of Ikonia
See adjacent text.
Flag of Ikonia
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion ~3:5
Adopted 19 October 2018
Design A "royal blue banner with branches and a crown on it.".
Designed by Abrams I

The national flag of the Kingdom of Ikonia, known as the The Royal Banner, is the flag used to represent the country and its people. The current flag was designed by Abrams I.

An Ikonian flag is hung with thumbtacks inside the King's residence. During times of mourning, the flag is hung vertically instead of horizontally, a gesture which has become the alternative to having it flown half-mast (there being no flag pole).

Coat of arms

Royal Arms of Ikonia

Lesser arms of Ikonia, as seen on medals and decorations
ArmigerHis Majesty the King of Ikonia
CrestUpon the helm, a royal crown proper
EscutcheonQuarterly, the 1st Argent a sun carréed Azure, the 2nd, Azure, a lion rampant Argent, the 3rd Azure, a crown upon a wreath Argent, the 4th, Argent, a saltire Azure.
MottoFrench: Libertie pour Ikonie
OrdersOrder of the Diaconus

The coat of arms of Ikonia was created in November 2018 - prior to this, the Kingdom had several official coat of arms.

National anthem

The national anthem of Ikonia is Waltz No. 2, written by Dmitri Shostokovich. It is one of the only micronational anthems without any lyrics.

Sub-national flags, arms and emblems





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