National symbols of Permaria

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Principality of Permaria

NameNational Flag of Permaria
UseNational flag
Adopted8 July 2022
DesignA vertical tricolour of gold, red and white.

The national symbols of the Principality of Permaria include several flags, banners, and coats of arms.


The national flag consists of three vertical bands, one gold, one red and one white. The flag was designed by Dustin Ó Gairbhith in 2021, before the foundation of Permaria, and was originally gifted to the Holy Canadian Empire upon the foundation of that micronation in April that year. Upon the dissolution of the Holy Canadian Empire, the flag returned to the private ownership of Ó Gairbhith according to the terms agreed upon between the two parties. In 2022, the flag was officially enshrined into the Permarian constitution as a national symbol upon the foundation of the principality. The colours of the flag carry cultural and regional meanings. The gold represents prosperity, while the red and white symbolize passion and peace respectively. The gold band has also been described as representing the sun setting in the west, while red and white pay respect to the national colours of Canada.


Construction sheet for the flag of Permaria.

Colour scheme

Color Gold Red White
RGB 252, 204, 0 170, 0, 0 255, 255, 255
Hex #FCCC00 #AA0000 #FFFFFF

Other flags of Permaria

Government flags
Flag Use
Standard of the Prince of Permaria
Standard of the Government of Permaria

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Permaria is the personal coat of arms of the ruling Prince of Permaria, currently Dustin I. The coat of arms is legally protected as the sovereign emblem of the prince, and its use is restricted to the prince and members of the House of Ó Gairbhith. Its design consists of the family arms of the Ó Gairbhith clan surrounded by a red (gules) mantle with ermine lining featuring fringes and gold tassels. The mantle is topped with the princely crown.

National anthem

"Our Country by the Sea" is the national anthem of the Principality of Permaria. Written in 2022, it is set to the melody of the British anthem "God Save the King" with unique lyrics extolling the virtues and natural beauty of Permaria.