Nationalist Terrace

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Nationalist Terrace is a Micronation in North East England it has 96 citizens, its own church which is made out of a tent, their own graveyard, there own army and there own flats and hotels. it was made in November the 4th 2020 soon in November the 8th they fought a war between a gang which they won and took there land as a colony and treated the people there better, and they soon announced free elections in 2021 February the 6th. They even have their own army of 26 but no navy or airforce but they are like most micronations and are armed with airsoft guns. and their religion is protestant and will stick to there religion forever. now the finale thing is there allies and etc they have 1 colony which is called "The Northern Colony Of Terrace" Which they got by winning a war between a gang Soon they made an ally called "Ziberstien" And since then the nation has been more stable