Bovic Dominion of Natopia

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Bovic Dominion of Natopia
Coat of arms
Motto: Peace Through Silent Oppression
Anthem: O Great Nation
CapitalLindstrom City
Largest cityBorders City, Hazelwood, Mehlville, Butter Cow City
Official languagesEnglish, Natspeak
LegislatureThe Natopian Frenzy
Establishment23 August 2002
• Census
Forum Website
This nation is a member of the MCS

Natopia, officially the Bovic Dominion of Natopia is a forum-based micronation with primary territorial holdings on the continent of Tapfer, on Micras. It has occupied the large island known as Tapfer Minor or Yellow Island, for all of its existence. Natopia shares a border with Alexandria and Stormark. Natopia is a monarchy. The Emperor may rule by decree and handles executive affairs. Legislative and judicial authority is exercised by the Frenzy.

Begun as an offline community of high school friends in 2002 and continuing into 2003, Natopia claimed territory around St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Beginning around 2005, Natopia shifted its focus away from territorial claims, abandoning them in favor of online participation, becoming integral participants of the early MicroOlympics, and the International Association. Since then, Natopia has been a primary participant in the Micras community, or Micran Sector.

Natopia is currently a member of the Micras Treaty Organization and the Standardized Currency and Unified Economy Treaty.

Origin of the name Natopia

The name Natopia has two origins. It is a portmanteau of Nathan and Utopia, after the founder, Nathan Shepard. According to lore and myth, however, the name is derived from the ancient settlement at modern day Lindstrom City known as Nett Opaegh's Awe, named after the mythic founder of the nation, Nett Opaegh.


See Natopian History


The legislature, The Frenzy, plays a substantial roll in government, and the only recognized political party, the Free Juice and Bagel Party (FJBP) remains technically in power despite dormancy. Political association and party creation is allowed. A chancellor is elected by the Frenzy who acts as a presiding officer and serves as a spiritual connection to the abolished office of Grand Chancellor.

Foreign relations

Recognized Micronations

Natopia extends de facto recognition to all members of the Micronational Cartography Society as sovereign and legitimate nations.

Bilateral treaties

Gralus (Friendship), Antica (Friendship and Cooperation), Elwynn (Friendship and Limited Defense), Nelaga (Administration of Ptia)

Multiparty treaties

Alliance of the Triple Entendre, with Babkha and Antica. Various Micras Treaty Organization treaties, with A1, Batavia, Elwynn, Gralus, Islamic Internet Republic, Nelaga, Shireroth, and Stormark.


The Natopian Organization of Planets administers the defense of Natopian territory. The Natopian Spacefleet operates a starship fleet, orbital space station and lunar base on Tarsica. For terrestrial defense, the Natopian Defense Force maintains army, navy, and air force units.


The Bovic Dominion is divided into demesnes, which are integral parts of the nation. Two special protectorates, Athlon and Ptia, are under the jurisdiction and de jure control of Natopia (with Nelaga sharing administration of Ptia).

On Yellow Island, the original and oldest part of the nation, there are the demesnes of Ziegeland-Lochhatonia, Hazelwood, Tasneemia, and Muckapucky. On the main continent, Natopia has three demesnes, Sororiya, Klaasiya, and Tapfer Aeterna.

Yellow Island is divided into three major climate zones. The east is dominated by thick woods and jungle and the coast is protected by reefs. The north is open plains. Along the Borders Bay coast is fertile farmland. Muckapucky island is rocky and surrounded by cliffs.

The mainland peninsula is dominated by eucalypt brushlands. However, there is lush farmland along the Sororyan river to produce wheat. The rest of Natopian Tapfer is farmland, bifurcated by the Mt Talon range.

The highest point in Natopia is Mt Vice, located in Lochhatonia. Natopia occupies the entire eastern bank of the Egale River on Tapfer, as well as the majority of the Tapfer peninsula and most of its coast. What the area lacks in hard metals and industrial resources,it makes up for in luxury goods; precious and semi-precious gems, spices, tropical fruit, cotton, natural gas, natural harbors, and silver deposits all keep Natopia in the highest levels of trade and standard of living on Micras.

Flora and Fauna

Natopians enjoy the plentiful bounty of wheat and fish that grow naturally within their land. The tropical lands in Tapfer Aeterna provide fruit and exotic fish to vary their diets. Yellow Island is perfectly suited to grow cotton, and cotton farms cover the landscapes. The Great Hazel Woods cover the entire eastern peninsula of Yellow Island, and contains thick foliage cover creating a perpetual twilight. The domestic goat is kept by many farmers and over population has caused many to become feral and exist successfully in the wild.

Newspapers and Other Media


Two papers are published throughout Natopia, the Bagelcratican Sporadically [1] and the Dozan Gazette. The BS was originally a party-news only publication but now focuses on all Natopian issues. The Gazette is published by the Dozan Bovic Church to keep its members aware of developments in Doza, Athlon, the church's seat.