Nebanian Florfinbourgish Socialist Republic

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Nebanian Florfinbourgish Socialist Republic
Motto: War is peace! Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is strength!
Official languagesNewspeak
GovernmentSingle party socialist republic/prison state
• Secretary
Alias: Big Brother
Establishment2 September 2010
• Estimate

The September Invasion

On September 2, 2010, Nebania, little known, despotic, imperialist state, was invaded by the Florfinbourgish "Red Army Mk II". The war was easily won, and the people were liberated. This dangerous nation has been kept in check by the new government, it is a prison state where traitors and criminals are sent. The Socialist Party is in command of the government and is lead by Secretary Neb of the Socialist Party. There is currently only one political party, and only the Nebanian Socialists or NEBSOC have ever run for the government. For a historic comparison of Nebania and Florfinbourg, you may look to East Germany in relation to the Soviet Union.

Premier Neb

Secretary Neb is the leader of all Nebania. He commands the people in Nebania The laws he defends are:

Nebanian citizens must register with the Florfinbourgish Union Integration Bureau to leave the nation and join Florfinbourg,

The signature of the Florfinbourgish Premier, or the National Chairman can also allow you to leave,

Demonstrations must be registered with Minithought before they are carried out,

All citizens must serve for life in the "Nebanian Brigade" of the "Red Army Mk II".

Although these laws are seen by the government in Florfinbourg to be horrible Stalinistic practices, Nebania serves as a "filter state". If you become a citizen of the Autonomous Collective, you must spend a period of time as a Nebanian citizen to prove you are not a danger to the safety of Florfinbourg. In some cases, Florfinbourgish and Connecticut citizens are sent to Nebania for a period of time, Nebania is essentially the only prison in the Union. For these reasons, security is a priority.

Ministry of Thought

The Ministry of Thought (Minithought) is the Nebanian Ministry that manages those who would threaten the peace and stability of Nebania and the other borderland zones of the Union. The Ministry of Thought is the strong right arm of The Party.

Current Minister of Thought: Minister Mark.

Current Head of the Thought Police: General Patrick

The Ministry of Thought is currently the only official ministry of Nebania.

Other Republics of the Autonomous Collective

The following nations have joined the ACoF.