Neda War

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The Neda War
Conflict: The Neda War
Date: 23 June - Ongoing
Outcome: N/A
Guillaume.jpgGrand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan
Kaznian flag.pngCheslovian Federation
Commerusia.pngDemocratic People's Republic of Erusia
Flag of Iran.svgThe Islamic Republic of Iran

HM Guillaume le Premier
President Urosh Dushanov
Kenneth Maisano

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Sandefreistikhan: 1 Tu-95 "Bear", Nimitz-Class Carrier "Les Défenseurs", the 1st Royal Division.
Cheslovia: 3 Propaganda Agents

The Neda War was declared by the micronation Sandefreistikhan against the Islamic Republic of Iran in protest against a civilian casualty in the Iranian eletion protests, in which a girl, said to be 16, was shot by a sniper working for the Iranian Basij (volunteer) Militia.


The Cheslovian Federation had employed the help from three Cheslovian citizens to create posters and put them in Cheslovia showing the atrocities which are occurring in Iran. These people have been dubbed "Propaganda Agents", they will be highly active during the next few weeks while initiating "Operation: Expose".

Sandefreistikhan has gathered forces and spread media condemning Iran's actions. They have also flown from the West to the East border for reconnaissance.

The Democratic People's Republic of Erusia's ruling political part, the Erusian National Communist Party, has declared "absolute revolutionary war" on the Islamic Republic in order to support it's close ideological allies in Cheslovia and Sandefreistikhan. Internal State media has been directed to begin producing propaganda against the Iranian government to encourage Erusian citizens to show their support for the Iranian people.

Sandefreistikhan Tu-95 over Tehran

On June 24, 2009, the Tu-95 of Sandefreistikhan has flown over Tehran for a look of the terrain, following this move, the Tu-95 climbed to 13,500 feet and completed several training bomb runs over Tehran. Upon completing these bomb runs, the Tu-95 continued onto Elista, Russia to reload and refuel. After completing this run, His Majesty Guillaume le Premier of Sandefreistikhan declared this flight of the Tu-95 a great success in Sandefreistikhan Military Developement.

Planned Fly-over Yazd

After the success of the June 24 training missions, the Lama declared he was eager for a terrain inspection of Yazd. He continued to state, "Under the Laws of Iran, Zoroastrian customs are suppressed. Zoroastrians are denied the right for their religious burial, denied the right to worship in public, and few Zoroastrian temples are allowed. In Yazd, the old Zoroastrian community is near extinction because of the actions taken by the Iranian government against Zoroastrians. Under Sandefreistikhan authority, this ancient religion shall not die."

Sandefreistikhan withdrawal

On 19 July 2009, under HM Order 190609a, Sandefreistikhan withdrew from the conflict due to the fact that the Iranian people were no longer being threatened by the Iranian government.

International response

  • Cheslovian Federation: Cheslovia had stated that it will only stay in the war for the duration of the Iranian protests, however depending on certain circumstances, it may stay in the war for longer.
  • Empire of New Europe: New Europe stands in full support of regime changes in Iran.
  • Sandefreistikhan: Lama Guillaume the First stated that the reason for entering this conflict was to defend the people of Iran, not only for regime changes (though he did continue to stay that the current regime is oppressive and he would like a new one). After the protests suppress, Sandefreistikhan shall work with its allies to end the conflict.
  • Ohio Empire': Emperor Malum I has decreed that the Empire will support the Cheslovian Federation. The Emperor believes that the Iranian people have been oppressed for far too long. Their Universal Rights have been denied again and again. He will support the people any way he can.
  • Republic of Bokonton: Queen Holly I has stated that Bokonton will do all they can to assist in this war.
  • Democratic People's Republic of Erusia: Has joined the war on the side of it's de facto allies Cheslovia and Sandefreistikhan. The Central People's Government has stated that "The Erusian government believes that both Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mir-Hossein Mousavi are fine candidates to lead the Islamic Republic of Iran" and noted that "within the people's revolutionary vanguard, there are supporters of both Ahmadinejad and Mousavi". It has however absolutely condemned the manner in which the election has been conducted and has since offered it's official endorsement to Mousavi under the name "Iranian Independent Reformists" (it is customary for the Communist Party in Erusia to endorse political parties in macronations).
  • Grand Unified Micronational: Chairman Robert Lethler has condemned the "gross violations of Human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran" and has called for a "show of solidarity for the Iranian people from the intermicronational community".
  • Grand Duchy of Flandrensis: Flandrensis support the Iranian people and their protest but the Senate condemn this war against macronations. Flandrensis hopes that there will be soon peace and justice in Iran.
  • Republic of Patetopia: President Pate has said Patetopia supports change in Iran, but feels war is not an appropriate way to achieve it.