Neko-Kosovar War

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Neko-Kosovar War
Map of The Free Tristate in Kosovo.png
Map showing territory, marked in red, claimed by the Free Territory of Kosovo.
Date8–19 June 2022
Formation of the Free Territory of Kosovo
Anime Anarcho-Marxist Union
Insurgent Army of Kosovo
w:Kosovo Republic of Kosovo
Units involved
Neko Brigade N/A

The Neko-Kosovar is a war between the Anime Anarcho-Marxist Union together with the Neko Brigade (hence the name of the war) and the Republic of Kosovo. The war was declared by the AAMU on the 8 June and concluded on the 19 June 2022.

Declaration of war by the Anime Anarcho-Marxist Union.

The war started on the 8 June 2022 when the AAMU created a document declaring war on the Republic of Kosovo, claiming that they wanted to liberate the nation from the Kosovar Government to establish a free state. During the duration of the war, no fighting whether it be physical or through other means ever took place. After discussion on how to split the country, the AAMU liberated three separate portions of land in the east of the country neighboring North Macedonia and Serbia. Each territory was given a new name. The three territories would become the Free Territory of Kosovo, ending the war on the 19 June 2022.