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Territory of Austenasia
Flag of Nervenston
Established30 July 2022
 • GovernorLord Dominik Kądziołka, Baron of Nervenston
 • Total0.0002016 km2 (0 sq mi)

Nervenston is an Austenasian Territory which is an enclave of Poland. It is composed of the garden of a residential property home to its founder, Lord Dominik Kądziołka.

July 2022 saw Kądziołka contact the Austenasian government with the proposal that he annex the land as an Austenasian Territory; the Nervenston Act 2022, passed on 30 July, officially delineated Nervenston and claimed it from Poland with the consent of its landowners. The territory is currently governed by Kądziołka himself.