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Kingdom of Ниук (Neuk) and the Yeoman Territories
Neuki Flag
Neuki Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "Desire the Right"
Anthem: "Die stem van Neuk”
Cupar, Scotland
Official languagesEnglish (Cyrillic Script)
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Kaiser
Keenan Carr I
• Senior Council
Thomas Cruikshank
• Royal Advisor
Alexander Smith
• (as of February 2018) census
CurrencyGreat British Pound
Time zoneGMT/BST

The Kingdom of Neuk, founded on the 21st of February 2018, was an absolute monarchy situated as an enclave of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife. It still exists in the form of the Kingdom of Tarvit upon a merger between The Kingdom of Neuk and the Tarvit Republic.


The Kingdom of Neuk got it's name from being situated locally to the East Neuk of Fife. Whilst not being situated within the region of the Kingdom of Fife known as the East Neuk, it was named as such for the strong links between the Kingdom's heritage and the area. Neuk is a Scots word for ‘Corner’, not to be confused with the Dutch profanity meaning intercourse.


Kaiser Keenan Carr I of Yeoman created the Kingdom of Neuk on the 21nd of February 2018 from an undisclosed location within Cupar, Fife. It is situated on 8208m² of land within Cupar Army Reserve Centre. The site dates back to 1842 as a prison that was then converted into a Military Barracks. This gives The Kingdom of Neuk a fortified position surrounded by large walls and razor-wire fences.

Foreign Relations

South Mcarthia

The Kingdom of Neuk and the (former) Defacto State of South Mcarthia shared warm relations. Neuk remained the only micronation to officially recognise South Mcarthia during it's short-lived history. Neuk publicly continued to refute claims that South Mcarthia was dubious in nature despite both states' ceased operations.

Datar La Kopia

As per the Kaiser’s Annual Report, in absence of South Mcarthia, relations were to be strengthened and an alliance formed with another nation with locally available citizens and ambassadors. Datar La Kopia having citizens in Cupar, Scotland was selected as suitable for the role. Diplomatic relations are soon to be officially commenced (As the Kingdom of Tarvit through a NEFTO leaders summit.


NEFTO or the "North East Fife Treaty Organisation" is an organisation lead by Kaiser Keenan Carr I that involves the sharing of military resources between member states.


Mouse War

On the 23rd of February 2018 at 4:47am the Kingdom of Neuk engaged in it's only military conflict. The Mouse War was a conflict that spanned all of about 10 minutes. Neuk sent the Kaiser himself and his father Deputy Prime Minister Neil Carr armed with one box of rat poison and a shovel to engage in warfare with 6 rebel mice who had set up an illegal mouse sanctuary on Neuki Territory. The outcome of the comflict resulted in a decisive Neuki victory. Casualties included 6 Mouse Rebels and the Dignity of the Deputy Prime Minister in an event known as the "Screech" within The Kingdom of Neuk.

South Mcarthian Intervention

During the South Mcarthian intervention, as a member of NEFTO, the Kingdom of Neuk remained firmly on the side of backing former South Mcarthia. During the period of time South Mcarthia, whose only claim to legitimacy was through MicroWiki, had their page marked as "Dubious". This put South Mcarthia in the position of not being recognised in their eyes. The Kingdom of Neuk followed with a NEFTO endorsement of South Mcarthia with the aim of furthering the legitimacy of the defacto state and increase recognition to build awareness of their legitimacy. The intervention was, however, thwarted by Anthony Clark as administrator of MicroWiki. Upon the loss of South Mcarthia, Neuk ceased the intervention as a defeat and no further action was pursued. Former Citizens of South Mcarthia were granted honorary citizenship of the Kingdom of Neuk should they have requested it (as detailed in the Kaiser's Annual Report). The Kaiser also detailed plans to make South Mcarthia the second Yeoman Territory which was later passed on to the responsibilities of the Kingdom of Tarvit.

Flora and Fauna

Blackbird perched on a property fence at No.2 Yeomanry House
Pigeon high in a tree in No. 1 Yeomanry House

In the garden of Yeomanry House lives a rather diverse ecosystem. This includes two birds nests (Pigeon and Blackbird) and it is believed that Hedgehogs have set up a permanent home under the shed of house No. 2 (This will be confirmed come springtime).

The unused shed in No. 2 Yeomanry House is a habitat to a wide variety of insects and (Formerly) Field Mice. The Cardinal Spider, the British Isles' largest spider, is known to inhabit the shed along with the Common House Spider. The Mouse War was provoked by the Field Mice who had been living in the Shed for an unknown length of time until war was declared against them by Kaiser Keenan Carr as they had no means of paying rent.