New Acre

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New Acre
District of Acre
Country Islamic Emirate of Acre
Created25 January 2020
 • Total10 km2 (4 sq mi)
 • Total45,000
DemonymNew Akkan
WebsiteMap of Acre

New Acre is a district of the Islamic Emirate of Acre, encompassing most of its namesake, the city of Acre. It is one of Acre's northern districts, and also possesses a large Arab population.

Districts of Acre (New Acre in green)


Along with the working-class port area of Haifa, New Acre is one of the Arab parties' base of support. Though it officially includes only two constituencies, a third straddles the border with the separate district of Old Acre; for organisational reasons, it is considered an Old Akkan district. In the February 2020 general election the Liberal Union won the constituency of North Acre. Since then however, the district has elected only members of the People's Democratic Union and the Peace & Equality Party.

Members of Parliament Population Area
  People's Democratic Union (1)
  Peace & Equality Party (1)
45,000 10