New Californian Reich

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New German-Californian Reich
Neues Kalifornisches Reich
Flag Of the NCR
2023 Official Flag
Coat of arms of New Californian Reich
Coat of arms
Motto: "Mein Kalifornia, My Right, Ma Vie."
"My California, My Right, My Life."
Anthem: "Ich Liebe Dich, Liebes Kalifornien!"
"I love you, Dear California!"
Royal anthem: "Der Sohn und Kalifornien"
Location of New Californian Reich
Map of the State of Arcachon
Map of the State of Arcachon
CapitalNew Jonah-City
40.332299, -8.735325
Largest cityAdam City
Official languagesGerman, Neue Kalifornische, French
Recognised national languagesFrench, German, Neue Kalifornische
Recognised regional languagesPortuguesse, French, German
Ethnic groups
  • 67.9% Christian
  • 22.1% Wastelanders
  • 5% Jewish
  • 5% Others
• Kaiser
Kaiser Cesar Ferreira Da Silva I
• Prime Minister
Catherine Delabye Ferreira
• Deputy Prime Minister
Jean-Luc Dieux (Until Next Election)
• Inter-UM Port-Speaker
Jean-Luc Dieux
• Colonial President
Sultan Mayed I
New California Royal Party
New California Quarsherskian House
from Tocha
• Total
0.784 km2 (0.303 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
GDP (PPP)2023 estimate
• Total
CurrencyKalifornis (KLF)
Time zoneWET
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+351

The New Californian Reich is a self-declared sovereign state, often known as a micronation, founded in 2008 in the city of Barrins, Portugal. Occupying a compact area (0,784 km²/3,97 km<), the nation is home to a modest population of 280 individuals. It is characterized by a distinctive political structure, a history of conflicts, and a unique cultural identity. The capital city, New Jonah-City, serves as the epicenter of governance, while other urban centers like Adam City, Gothamncitien, Ayacitien, El Federa De Felipe and Al-Cataz, Moyad City contribute to the nation's vibrancy.


The New Californian Reich's inception in 2008 was marked by internal trials. The First New Barrinese Revolt (2007-2008) initially challenged the NCR, resulting in its temporary suppression and Barrinsa's ascendancy. However, the tide turned during the Second New Barrinese Revolt (November 2008), with the NCR emerging victorious and incorporating Barrinsa.

Subsequent years were marked by the Crimos Wars, including the First Crimos War (2012-2013), the Second Crimos War (2015-2017), and the Third Crimos War (2020-2021). Each conflict culminated in NCR triumphs, consolidating its presence and showcasing its military prowess.

The War of Adam City (2021-2022) proved transformative, resulting in Crimos' dissolution and NCR's enhanced dominance. The Crimos Independence War (2023) further solidified NCR's standing.

 NCR National Army

Battles and Wars

The New Californian Reich's history is defined by a series of conflicts that have indelibly shaped its identity.

First New Barrinese Revolt (2007-2008)

The First New Barrinese Revolt challenged the NCR's sovereignty from 2007 to 2008. It resulted in the temporary suppression of the NCR and the rise of Barrinsa.

Second New Barrinese Revolt (November 2008)

The Second New Barrinese Revolt, occurring in November 2008, saw the NCR achieve victory over Barrinsa, resulting in the annexation of Barrinsa and the assertion of NCR's rule.

Crimos Wars

The Crimos Wars were a series of conflicts that spanned several years:

- First Crimos War (2012-2013): A conflict lasting from 2012 to 2013, resulting in NCR's victory.

- Second Crimos War (2015-2017): Spanning from 2015 to 2017, this war concluded with an NCR triumph.

- Third Crimos War (2020-2021): The final installment of the Crimos Wars, lasting from 2020 to 2021, solidified NCR's dominance.

War of Adam City (2021-2022)

The War of Adam City took place from 2021 to 2022, culminating in NCR's triumph and the dissolution of Crimos.

Crimos Independence War (2023)

The Crimos Independence War occurred in 2023 and showcased NCR's determination, resulting in its victory and reinforcement of its dominance.

First Kali-Qarsherskiyan War

On the 13 September at 0am (2023), The NCR decide to declare war on Quarsherskiy for spreading Lies, The NCR Mobilized their troops on East Kalifornia and South.

Annexation by the Islamic Sultanate of Quarsherskiy

On July 3, 2023, the New Californian Reich found itself facing a new challenge as the Islamic Sultanate of Quarsherskiy, led by its ruler Ali, annexed the micronation. The sudden annexation led to widespread unrest and resistance among the NCR population.

Crimos Independence War (Quarsherskiy War)

The annexation by the Islamic Sultanate of Quarsherskiy ignited the Crimos Independence War, which erupted on the same day as the annexation, July 3. The people of the NCR, fueled by a desire for self-determination and sovereignty, fiercely resisted the annexation forces. The war was marked by intense battles and a determined struggle for independence.

After days of intense fighting, the Crimos Independence War concluded on July 7, 2023, with the New Californian Reich successfully regaining its sovereignty and independence.

The Battle against QS Wagner

Following the end of the Crimos Independence War, the NCR faced another challenge in the form of QS Wagner, a formidable special army of the Quarsherskiy forces. Determined to solidify its independence and freedom, the NCR engaged in a series of battles against QS Wagner.

The NCR forces, driven by their resilience and commitment to their nation, managed to achieve victory against QS Wagner. The battles were grueling and intense, but the NCR forces' determination ultimately prevailed.

Regaining Independence

Finally, on July 9, 2023, the New Californian Reich achieved a significant milestone in its history by successfully repelling the forces of the Islamic Sultanate of Quarsherskiy and regaining its hard-fought independence. This victory marked a turning point in the nation's narrative, reaffirming the NCR's sovereignty and the unwavering spirit of its people.

National Army Emblem

The events of annexation, the Crimos Independence War, the battle against QS Wagner, and the subsequent victory underscored the New Californian Reich's resilience and determination to preserve its identity and freedom in the face of adversity.

Leadership and Government

Central to NCR's political trajectory has been its leadership. Felipe Ferreira Da Silva, the founding president, served until his passing in 2021 at 74 due to kidney failure. His legacy lives on through his son, Cesar Ferreira Da Silva, who, at 12, became Kaiser and leader of the Neue kalifornische sozialistische Monarchenpartei (NKSM).

Cities and Territories

NCR's urban landscape comprises varied locales. New Jonah-City, the capital, is culturally and administratively significant. Adam City, the most populous, embodies diversity and dynamism. Ayacitien, named after Cesar's friend, and Al-Cataz contribute to the nation's fabric.


The New Californian Reich is home to a diverse range of religious beliefs, contributing to the nation's cultural mosaic. The distribution of religious affiliations among its population is as follows:

Christianism Wastelanders Jewish Other
67.9% 22.1% 5% 5%

This religious diversity reflects the various backgrounds and traditions that contribute to the New Californian Reich's social fabric.


The linguistic landscape of the New Californian Reich reflects its cultural diversity and historical connections. The official languages of the nation include:

- German: With its deep roots in the region's history and cultural heritage, German serves as one of the primary official languages of the New Californian Reich.

- Neue Kalifornische: A language closely related to the Germanic family of languages, Neue Kalifornische is a unique linguistic blend that reflects the nation's distinctive identity and cultural fusion.

These languages play a significant role in shaping the communication, education, and cultural expressions within the New Californian Reich. The linguistic diversity contributes to the rich tapestry of the nation's heritage and its strong ties to the Germanic family of languages and cultures.

This only counts in the capital

German Neue Kalifornische Hebrew
89.8% 10.1% 0.1%
Annual Citizen Count
Sept 2008 11—    
October 2009 57+418.2%
December 2012190+233.3%
December 2015 219+15.3%
September 2018261+19.2%
September 2019267+2.3%
November 2020280+4.9%
November 2021281+0.4%
June 2023280−0.4%
Reflects end-month count


The economy of the New Californian Reich, despite its small land area of 0.784 km², is characterized by its unique blend of cultural heritage, and sustainable practices. The micronation's economic activities are supported by its limited resources, focus on tourism, and embrace of digital technologies.


The New Californian Reich's economy is modest in scale but exhibits a remarkable diversity of economic sectors. Its GDP (PPP) for the year 2023 is estimated to be €12.988 , reflecting the nation's ability to maximize its economic potential within its compact territory. This results in a per capita GDP that underscores the micronation's determination to ensure its citizens' well-being and quality of life.

Economic Indicators

- GDP (Nominal) 2023 Estimate: The micronation's nominal GDP for 2023 is estimated to be €12.988, reflecting the economic output generated within its borders.

- Human Development Index (HDI): The HDI for 2021 increased to 0.866, showcasing the micronation's dedication to enhancing overall human development and quality of life.

- Currency: The official currency of the New Californian Reich is the Kalifornis (KFL), which facilitates economic transactions and reflects the nation's unique identity.

The New Californian Reich's economy, while compact, is a testament to its citizens' resilience, creativity, and determination to thrive within their distinctive cultural and geographical context.

Political Parties

NCR's political tapestry includes diverse parties such as the Neue kalifornische sozialistische Monarchenpartei (NKSM), led by Cesar, the Demokratische und Nationale Frontpartei (DuNFP), the Linke Kalifornische Union (LKUP), and the Die Quarsherskian Deko-Party (QDPd). These parties foster vibrant democratic discourse.

Party Percentage Composition
NKSM 67%
67 / 100
DuNFP 21%
21 / 100
LKUP 10%
10 / 100
QDPd 2%
2 / 100

Membership in International Organizations

United Micronation

UM Flag

The New Californian Reich (NCR) is a proud member of the United Micronation, an alliance of micronations established on April 14, 2015, with the aim of promoting peace, cooperation, and mutual support among its member nations. The United Micronation was founded by Felipe Ferreira Da Silva and is currently owned by Cesar Ferreira Da Silva.

Role and Contributions

As a member of the United Micronation, the New Californian Reich actively participates in alliance-wide initiatives, diplomatic efforts, and collaborative projects aimed at furthering the objectives of the alliance. The NCR's commitment to peace, diplomacy, and shared prosperity aligns with the values of the United Micronation, making it an integral part of the alliance's efforts to represent the interests of its member nations on the global stage.

Collaboration and Unity

The membership in the United Micronation reflects the New Californian Reich's dedication to fostering collaborative relationships with other micronations. By sharing resources, expertise, and ideas, the NCR contributes to the alliance's mission of enhancing stability, development, and international dialogue among member nations. The United Micronation provides a platform for the NCR to engage in meaningful interactions with other like-minded micronations and jointly address common challenges.

Financial Support

As part of its membership commitment, the New Californian Reich contributes to the alliance's budget. This financial support is utilized to facilitate alliance-wide projects, diplomatic initiatives, and administrative functions that strengthen the United Micronation and its member nations.

Current Leadership's Vision

The NCR's participation in the United Micronation is in line with its current leadership's vision of global cooperation, peacebuilding, and a united micronational community. Kaiser Cesar Ferreira Da Silva, the current leader of the NCR, upholds the principles of the United Micronation and actively promotes the alliance's values through collaborative efforts and diplomatic engagements.

NCR Football Team

The NCR Football Team, also known as “S.N.C Neue Adam”, proudly represents the New Californian Reich (NCR) in microfootball. This talented team has a rich history of success and enjoys passionate support from NCR citizens.


S.N.C Neue Adam has achieved remarkable success, including winning the Bundlinger Mikrotizing Trophy and earning recognition on the global microfootball stage.


Comprising skilled athletes, including Kaiser Cesar Ferreira Da Silva I, the team showcases the NCR's football talent.


The team enjoys enthusiastic support from NCR citizens, making football matches a celebrated event within the nation.

International Presence

The NCR actively participates in international microfootball competitions, further establishing its global presence.

Home Matches

S.N.C Neue Adam plays at the state-of-the-art Neue Kalifornisches Stadion, providing an electric atmosphere for fans and players.

The NCR Football Team remains a source of pride and unity for the NCR.


The NCR Official motto, "Mein Kalifornia, My Right, Ma vie." , encapsulates the nation's values and loyalty to its leaders. This rallying cry signifies unity.

The New Californian Reich's history embodies resilience, evolution, and triumph. From its origins to its current stature, it thrives amidst conflicts, achievements, and unyielding resolve. Its political landscape and cultural identity confer it a distinctive presence globally.

Foreign relations

Recognized states

Mutual recognition