New Center Coalition

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New Center Coalition
PresidentJoan Hereu i Coma
General SecretaryJosep Kappa
SpokesmanSisebuto Mustela
FoundedJanuary 2017
Membership (2018)15
Economic Liberalism
Big tent
Political positionCentre, centre-right
SloganL'equip Guanyador (the winning team), Amb tu, el centre avança! (With you, the center goes on)
Seats in the Parlament de Caïd
4 / 7
2 seats by the SPU/PDC and the other 2 by the ALC
Seats in the District Administrative Junta
2 / 6

The New Center Coalition (Catalan: Coalició Nou Centre) is a coalition created by the United People's Syndicate/Democratic Party of Caïd and the Caïd Liberal Alliance in 2017, for the Caidanian general election, 2017. The movement has been considered to be centrist and republicanist.


For the Caidanian general election, 2017, the United People's Syndicate, the Caïd Liberal Alliance and the Democratic Tortimerist Party, they united to try to obtain absolute majority in the elections and to overcome the monarchist conservatives and the leftist forces. However, in those elections they won 4 seats, missing one for the absolute majority and having to negotiate with the monarchist conservatives a coalition government. In the following elections, those of 2018, obtained the same result, initiating an internal crisis in the coalition.

In the SPU was appointed in 2018 as general secretary Domènec Saints, of the most rightist and conservative sector, causing a strong crisis in the SPU that would move to the coalition. Domènec Saints wanted to break the coalition to attend the next elections separately or even in coalition with the UDC. Finally, the rebel sector of the SPU announced that they would also concur within the centrist coalition claiming that all possible votes should go towards centrism.

Electoral results

Election Number of seats in the Parlament de Caïd +/- Candidate
4 / 8
New Joan Hereu i Coma
4 / 8
Steady Joan Hereu i Coma
4 / 7
Steady Trinitat Manetes


Election Number of seats in the District Councils +/-
2 / 6