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New Eiffel at the 2020 MOF Games

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New Eiffel at the
2020 MOF Games
Flag of New Eiffel.svg2020 eGames.png
Gymnasium State
Date14 February–28 March 2020
Competitors1: Zabëlle "Zed" Skye

New Eiffel (NEI) made its Micronational Olympic Federation games debut and only appearance at the 2020 MOF Games,[1] officially the 2020 Intermicronational Olympic Games; the second edition of the annual MOF games which was hosted by the Gymnasium State, from 14 February to 28 March.[2] The small European micronation was represented by a single athlete, Zabëlle "Zed" Skye. Skye preformed poorly in most events, however won silver in – a massively multiplayer online action game – thus earning New Eiffel seventh place at these games. New Eiffel had intended to participate in the following games, however dissolved before they could commence.[3]


The Micronational Olympic Federation is an intermicronational organisation dedicated to creating, hosting, and scheduling micronational sporting and eSporting events, including the annual MOF Games. In August 2018, the Gymnasium State was chosen to host the 2020 MOF Games.[4] New Eiffel became a full member of the federation on 12 February 2019, and immediately announced its intent to participate in the 2020 games, for which it would be eligible.[5] It participated in the 2020 MOF Games, which lasted between 14 February to 28 March.[6][7] Zed Skye was New Eiffel's only athlete. Another citizen, Janus Smith, had announced his intention to take part, however backed out due to overlapping schedules.


An improvised Olympic torch used in the opening ceremony of the games.

Zed Skye competed in six of the eleven events at the games; Skye had also initially intended to compete in Chess, however did not do so due to personal concerns regarding his skill. Tic Tac Toe was disastrous; Skye was initially set to play against Cristi, however Cristi had vanished from the community a month prior, warranting Skye an automatic victory; the same happened with his next opponent Thomas Andersson, competing for Millania, who forfeited. Skye then lost to Jan Šťastný, competing for the Rednecks Republic. In Five in a Row, Skye immediately lost to Nathan Smith, competing for Arbreland. In Battleships, Skye won against Babou Chkaya, competing for the Nova-Occitanian Battleships Team,[8] then lost to Jack Satterfield, competing for Millania. In Rock Paper Scissors, Skye won against Nathan Skye, then lost to Leon Montan, competing for Ponderosa Hills. For the video game Tetris – which Skye had sparsely played – the objective was to achieve the highest score; upon noticing the skills of Adam Pivetz, competing for the Gymnasium State, and Nathan Skye for Arbreland, Skye decided instead to surrender and attempt the lowest score in Tetris. He achieved this with a score of 136, indicating he did not qualify for the second round. For the computer game, the objective was also to achieve the highest score. Skye had first played the game from its release in 2015 until slowing down in late 2016, eventually ceasing gameplay in April 2017. He started playing again in order to practice, which led to him placing second with a score of 11,313 mass, thus entitling New Eiffel to a silver medal, and making it the only medal New Eiffel would win in these games.[7][9]


Player Event Result Rank
Zed Skye
Tic Tac Toe (3×3) 2 wins 18th (tie)
Five in a row 0 wins 9th (tie)
Battleships 1 win 5th (tie)
Rock Paper Scissors 1 win
Tetris 136 11th; Did not qualify 11,313 2nd; silver

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