New Europe v. Ikner and Bullock

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New Europe v. Ikner and Bullock
New European Supreme Court
Argued April 19, 2010
Decided April 24, 2010
Full case name New Europe, v. Johannus von Ikner, Former Imperial Chancellor & Vaughn Bullock, Former Marshal in the Imperial Army.
Citations New Europe v. Ikner and Bullock NEU SC 2010 Pires
Defendents cleared of all charges and lifted ban on the Fascist ideology.
Panel membership
Daniel Pires
Case opinions

New Europe v. Ikner and Bullock was a tribunal before the New European Supreme Court.

The Trial

The tribunal was opened on April 19, 2010 and closed on April 24, 2010 in the Chicago City Hall in Chicago. The tribunal was presided over by the Honorable Judge Daniel Pires. The prosecution entered indictments against 2 major criminals and one criminal organization – the fascist party. Throughout the trial the defense proved that the reason for the fascist rebellion was out of ideological frustration over the favoritism of the Nationalist Party. The Fascist Party was the majority and yet their votes went, as proven, ignored when it came to forging policies. Lahiff also used this to incite open hostility towards the governments foreign policy, not the monarchy. Ikner claimed that he was used as a symbol of leadership for the fascist struggle against this policy of ignoring them. He also wrote a letter to the Emperor stating that even those who overthrew him still supported him but was following Lahiff's will. Bullock stated that he was only following orders during the war, but he did willingly choose to join the fascist army. Most evidence proved that Lahiff was the main perpetrator behind the whole fascist leadership and even though both defendents were found guilty on the first charges alone ment some sort of banishment. However the Emperor issued a formal pardon of both defendents and restored their military ranks. As for the Fascist Party, the ban remains in effect but the ban on fascist ideology was lifted.

The indictments were for:

  1. Acts of treason against the crown and empire.
  2. Participation in a common plan to overthrow the supreme national law.
  3. Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace. 
  4. Microcrimes Against Humanity.

The 2 accused were:

"I" indicted      "G" indicted and found guilty      "N" indicted and found not guilty      "O" Not Charged



Count Penalty










G G N N cleared Recieved a pardon from the Emperor
G O N O cleared Recieved a pardon from the Emperor

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