New Kronsborg (Edenopolis)

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New Kronsborg
Department of the Free City-State of Edenopolis


Coat of arms

Map displaying the contiguous departments of the City-State, with New Kronsborg highlighted

"Freedom and justice"

Official languageEnglish
Spoken languages100% English

Capital cityLos Papangeles
Largest cityLos Papangeles

 - King
 - Royal Governor

Horatio Eden
None appointed

 - Total
Ranked 1st
  1 (2016 est.)

 - Declared independence
 - State boundaries set

5th November, 2016
9th November, 2016

The Department of New Kronsborg, more commonly known as New Kronsborg, is a department of the Free City-State of Edenopolis. Named for the Paravian military base, the Kronsborg Fortress in the Great City of Nyros, New Kronsborg is the largest department of the three in Edenopolis. Additionally, the de facto capital City-District of Edenopolis, Los Papangeles, is the capital city of New Kronsborg as well.

The First River marks the southern-most edge of the department, on the land border between Edenopolis and the United Kingdom. It borders the department of the Central Estates to the north, and England in all other directions.

There is presently no devolution to the departments of Edenopolis due to low population numbers; as such, the governance of the state is operated on a day-to-day basis by the monarch directly.

The department is politically key to the nation; it contains the diplomatic and financial capital of the nation, Los Papangeles, and the official residence of the monarch, Horatio Eden.


Historical affiliations


The First River, marking the southernmost boundary of the department

The territory itself was claimed as part of Edenopolis following the passage of the first Royal Edict on the 5th of November, 2016, claiming all the territory that stretched from the "Imperial Halls of Justice in the north" to the "First River in the south".[1]

However, the city would not be departmentalized until after the passage of the twentieth Royal Edict on the 9th of November, 2016, which formally set out the boundaries of the departments and the manner by which they would be governed. Drafted and passed into law by King Horatio Eden, it named the territory that stretched from "the edge of the Central Estates to the southern-most bank of the First River [...] New Kronsborg".[2] It also set out provisions for a Royal Governor "when such population numbers are available so as to allow for such delegation [of authority]".[3] As of the 9th of November, 2016, no Royal Governor has been appointed to the post.


New Kronsborg is topographically reasonably flat, especially in certain areas of the capital of Los Papangeles (particularly Embassy Row, which exists on a thin sheet of paper). While the area immediately around the First River Plaza is more uneven, the only topographical factor of note is the Royal Park of Edenopolis outside the Royal Capitol Building.


With the exception of the City-District of Los Papangeles, which remains at a reasonably constant warm temperature, the climate of New Kronsborg is affected largely by environmental happenings in the surrounding area of the United Kingdom. As a result, temperatures tend to sink much lower in winter months in particular while remaining reasonably cool in summer.


Royal Edict 2016-11-XX allows for a Royal Governor to work in "concord"[4] with the monarch of the City-State in administering to the day-to-day affairs of the department. However, the law also says that such will only take effect when the population numbers allow; as a result, the department is governed directly by the central government of the nation: the King.



The flag of New Kronsborg

The flag of New Kronsborg is based roughly on the flag of the United Kingdom. The central English and Welsh red crosses have been whited over, and the coat of arms of the Great City of Nyros has been supplanted over the design.

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