New Melanesia Project

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New Melanesia Project
Coat of arms
Motto: N'ca pur r'kuaka d'ne persas
Anthem: Kue iloma n'natil / Draca y Ma'kla

Indispensable Reefs, Solomon Islands
and largest city
Ora De Goto'akau
Official languagesPacifican,English,Spanish
Demonym(s)New Melanesian
GovernmentNew Melanesia Member Council


The New Melanesia Project is a Nation Project created by members of United Vuaqava and The Socialist States of Tinakula as well as a few other micronations to hope to make a nation known as New Melanesia by populating the Indispensable Reefs, by building towns on stilt houses, as well as wooden pathways, ports and markets, with 3 towns with a population of 500 and 6 with a population of 150. The total population will be about 2400 and the estimated cost for the project will be $200,000 to $250,000, and the first visit to the reef is hoped to be in 2024.


New Melanesia was dissolved as a project on 13 July 2022 by Luke of Wellmoore. This is because the project had been abandoned and one of the initial founders left the micronational community, leaving the project to Luke. He decided to dissolve the project and restart New Melanesia as a micronation instead of just a project.