New Prussian Imperial Parliament

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New Prussian Imperial Parliament

Neues Preußisches Reichs Parlament
IV (4th) Parliament
ChambersSenate of Peers
House of Commons
Term limits
1 Term = 4 Months
FoundedJuly 17, 2022 (2022-07-17)
Preceded byNew Prussian Assembly
New session started
1 July 2023
Emperor of New Prussia
August IV
Lord President
August Harms
since 1 November 2022
Lord Vice President
August Harms, Conservative & Democommunist
since 1 July 2023
Deputy Speaker
Coco Harms, Independent
since 1 July 2023
August Harms, Democommunist
since 1 July 2023
Shadow Chancellor
since 1 July 2023
Senate of Peers political groups
  •   Lord President
  •   Independent
House of Commons political groups
Length of term
Life-long (Senate)
4 Months (Commons)
First general election
1 November 2022
Last general election
24 June 2023
Next general election
25 October 2023
Constitution of the Empire of New Prussia

The New Prussian Imperial Parliament is the bicameral legislature in the Empire of New Prussia. As the legislative branch, it is responsible for the discussion, proposing and enactment of laws, as well as discussing various issues.


The Imperial Parliament was created on 17 July 2022. The Parliament succeeded the New Prussian Assembly which has been disbanded by the New Prussian Imperial Parliament via Imperial Decree XV. Currently the Imperial Parliament allows citizens to be members of both houses.


  • Purpose, Pass and Repeal Laws
  • Assist the Emperor in running the Empire
  • Elect the Lord President of the Senate of Peers and the Speaker of the House of Commons


The Imperial Parliament is composed of the two houses, the Senate of Peers and the House of Commons. Both houses have distinct roles in legislation. This format was inspired by the Parliament of the United Kingdom but with some differences.

Senate of Peers

Main Article Senate of Peers

The Senate of Peers is the Upper House of the New Prussian Imperial Parliament. The main role of the Senate is to scrutinize bills passed from the House of Commons. Those with a seat in the Senate are called Members of the Senate (MS).

House of Commons

Main Article House of Commons

The House of Commons is the Lower House of the New Parliament. The main role of the House is to propose Bills, scrutinize government via the opposition and questions to the government. Those with a seat in the House are called Members of the House or Members of the Commons (MC).