New Prussian Postal Service

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New Prussian Postal Service
Neu Preußisch Postendienst
Agency overview
Formed4 March 2023 (2023-03-04)
Agency executive
  • August W, Harms, Postmaster General of New Prussia
Parent agencyMinistry of Post, Archives and Media

The New Prussian Postal Service is the national post office of the Empire of New Prussia and a agency of the Ministry of Post, Archives and Media. The NPPS delivers only letters, postcards and flats (large envelopes)


Formally the Department of Postal Affairs, the department was revived and reorganized due to an Act of the New Prussian Imperial Parliament on 4 March 2023.

Logistics & Distribution Centers

The NPPS is divided into 4 L&D Centers which cover an individual state. The head of a L&D Center is called a Postmaster Major.

Current Logistics & Distribution Centers
Logistics & Distribution Center Postmaster Major Became Postmaster Major
Eastern Processing &
New Bavarian Logistics
Vacant N/A
Mid Western Processing &
New Saxon Logistics
Vacant N/A
Northern Processing &
New Hanoveran Logistics
Vacant N/A
Southern Processing &
New Oldenburgan Logistics
Vacant N/A
Wapsi Processing &
Southwest Clinton Logistics
Vacant N/A

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