New Serwatkan Imperium

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New Serwatkan Imperium
Coat of arms
Motto: E Pluribus Unum (Latin: Out of Many, One)
Anthem: Our Ancestor's Tune

Lakewood, Illinois
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentThe Reichstag of Lakewood
• Kaiser
Paul Serwatka
• Chancellor
Stephen Tarzian, Jr.
• Field Marshall
Sean Piedmonte
LegislatureConstitutional Monarchy
• (as of 2017 census) census
4,000 approx.

The New Serwatkan Imperium is a micronation founded on 25 December 2018. The nation lays territorial claims upon the former Village of Lakewood in the State of Illinois.


The Village of Lakewood

Paul Serwatka was democratically elected as the head of the Village of Lakewood's Board of Trustees in May 2017 and was brought in under intense controversy. His promise of tax form/reduction pleased many but some found concern in Serwatka's methods. After denying the TIF District and bypassing the Board on approval, many called for the removal of the Board President, voluntarily or involuntarily. After heated debate from Trustees and civilians alike, Paul Serwatka was banished from the Village and exiled to a small residence in rural Alabama. From there the Board radicalized and continued to demonize the dishonored Serwatka and take a stranglehold on the rights of the people.

The Fight for Freedom

On the morning of November 1, 2018, Paul Serwatka returned from exile and formed the Free Lakewood Army to overthrow the tyrannical Lakewood Board. Joining Serwatka in this crusade to restore order to the once great city-state of Lakewood was Stephen Tarzian and Sean Piedmonte to fight by his side . The civil war for Lakewood broke out on the 3rd of November 2018. While the fight for independence was difficult because of the entrenched positions of either sides, the civil war was concluded on Christmas Day, 2018 and the New Serwatkan Imperium was declared by Lord Serwatka himself.

Founding of a Nation

Lord Serwatka established the Reichstag with 15 seats where consuls (delegates in the seats) are appointed by the Kaiser and confirmed by the Chancellor of the Reichstag. The consuls are the direct voice of the people for the nation to debate on the direction and situations the country may face. A legal system present is made up by 5 appointed judges whom are born inside the original boundaries of the Village of Lakewood. That way the origins of the nation and it's vision is never lost to the constant march of progression.

Government and politics

The logo of the Legermacht


The Reichstag is the legislative core in the New Serwatkan Imperium. It is made up up of appointed representatives which hold the title of "Consul". The majority holder and therefore the party in government is the Lakewood Monarchist Party. Sir Stephen Tarzian is the current Chancellor. General elections are traditionally held in early November every 5 years and the parliament holds 15 seats as of 2018. The number of seats in the Reichstag are subject to change because of the exponential expansion in borders.

Military & Wars

Civil War

Coming out of exile Paul Serwatka led a group of 1500 soldiers from Lakewood and the surrounding areas to overthrow the tyrannical council of Lakewood. Three major battles were fought at Bard road, Main Beach, and the Gates. All three were won by the Imperium and sealed victory after the town hall of Lakewood was secured by Imperium forces.

Conquest of Mchenry County

After the Civil War and recovery of the nation, Serwatka set his sights to factions within Mchenry county. Algonquin was annexed during a deal made with the warlord Nick Pawlak. Next Cary was annexed in a deal with Consul Joey Rita. The first battle began after a night incursion of the Mchenry armory initiating conflict with the Grand Duchy of Woodstock. Field Marshal Sean Piedmonte obliterated the Woodstock military at the Woodstock square. A quick strike was then launched against the McHenry confederation consisting of McHenry, Wonder Lake, Greenwood, Ringwood, McCollomlake, Jonhsburg, and Lakemoor. The Legermacht was deployed behind two mraps taken during the Woodstock invasion. The superior firepower of the Legermacht overpowered the Confederacy's army in three crushing victories for the Imperium. Soon after, Richmond, Spring Grove, and Fox Lake submitted to the Imperium. Sean Piedmonte led the Legermacht into Hebron then into Harvard. Then was the invasion of Marengo and Union which lasted a week. Crystal Lake formed a pact between Huntley, Trout Lake, Barrington Hills, Fox River Grove, Port Barrington, Praire Grove, Island Lake, and Oakwood Hills.