New Wyoming

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New Wyoming
State of Surdam
Flag of New Wyoming
The Victor State
Founded15 May 2018
 • GovernorJack S.
 • MayorKelly V.
 • Total8
Time zoneMountain Time Standard Zone

New Wyoming is a state under Surdam. This Surdamian state is the second most populated state in Surdam, it is also home to the Little Rapids Airport (LRA) and the SSA mission control, launch pad, and rocket building facility. New Wyoming is Surdam's largest state, and many large open fields can be found in it.


New Wyoming was named after the American state around it called Wyoming.


New Wyoming was founded on May 15th, 2018 after the Field War, which lasted around 2 weeks. Battle of Basketball Court was fought in New Wyoming in 2022. In 2022 in result of Surdam invading Kalibi in the Pine Tree War, Kalibi did a counter invasion of Elizabeth dam which led to their defeat.


New Wyoming is home to many government buildings and military buildings, President Caldwell often comes here and trains military personal to protect Surdam.


New Wyoming's culture is based off modern themes and cowboy themes.


The current Governor is Jack S. and the current mayor is Kelly V.


New Wyoming consists of:

Little Rapids Airport

The Little Rapids Airport (LRA) is the only majorly used airport in Surdam. LRA is also one of the only two national airport within Surdam.

Trench Valley Airport

The Trench Valley Airport (TVA) is a small regional airport located in the northern part of the Trench River Valley. It servers the cities and towns close to it.

Trench River, Trench Lake, and the Trench River Valley

Trench River is the largest river (width wise) when flowing in Surdam, the Upper Trench River only really flows in the summer after rainstorms, and the Lower Trench River flows mostly after rainstorms too, but if their is a lot of snowmelt in the winter it flows. Trench Lake will sometimes fill up, if there is a very very large rainstorm half of the Valley will flood creating the lake. The Lower Trench River and Trench Lake are all inside the Trench River Valley.

Olive Dam System and Elizabeth Dam

These Dams are some of the largest of their kind in Surdam, they help drain and generate some electricity for Surdam.

Tunnel Zone

Tunnel Zone has well tunnels, they where used as bunkers in the Field War by Surdam forces.

Surdam National Basketball Court

This basket ball court is the only full court in all of Surdam, many of Surdam's basketball games are played here.

The Trench River after a rainstorm.


Bikes and sometimes cars are used to get around in the state.

Trench River Valley during the winter.