2022 Medopolanian general election

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2021 Medopolanian Presidential election

19 members of the National Assembly
11 votes needed to win
Candidate Shady Morsi Socialist Primary Winner
Party National Socialist
Alliance Centre

Incumbent President

Shady Morsi (acting)

2021 Medopolanian General election

All 19 seats in the National Assembly
12 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats ±
Socialist Jasper Bosman 0 0 0
National Liberal Shady Morsi 0 0 0
Independents N/A 19 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.

The first quadrennial election in Medopolania is scheduled after the formal establishment of the Medopolanian Republic Voters elect the 19 members of the National Assembly and the National Assembly will elect the next State-President of the Medopolanian Republic

The presidency is a largely ceremonial position, wielding little real power. the officeholder chairs the meetings of the National Council and undertakes special representational duties. First among equals, the State-President has no powers over and above the other six councillors and continues to head the assigned department. The president of Medopolania is not the head of state because the entire National Council is the collective head of state.

After the dissolution of Wallenia the National Council was only appointed by the MNC and only included independent politicians The presidential, council and Assembly elections were to be held on December 2022 but the government announced the election would be postponed until 2022 due to the rampant inactivity,


The State-President of Medopolania is directly elected for a term of four years, In addition to the control of his or her own department, the president carries out some of the representative duties that are normally carried out by a single head of state in other democracies. For example, have on occasion spoken at inaugural sessions of the General Assembly along with other visiting heads of state and government. However, because the Medopolanian Republic have no single head of state, When traveling abroad, Visiting heads of state are received by the five members of the National Council Treaties however are signed on behalf of the State-President,


Current candidates

Candidate name, age,
political party
Political offices Function in Wallenia Campaign Details Registration date
Shady Morsi
National (endorsed by the, Centre Party)
Acting State President

Shady Morsi announced his run on 20 December 2021, One day after his instalation as acting president 20 December 2021

Former candidates

Candidate name, age,
political party
Political offices Function in Wallenia Campaign Details Registration date Candidacy suspended
Rick Schrama
Independent (endorsed by the, Socialist Party)
Member of the Medopolanian National Congress
Personal Assistant to the Grand Governor

Rick Schrama announced his run on August 13, was endorsed as an unity candidate by the National Liberal Party and Labour July 22, 2020 20 December 2021 (endorsed the Socialist Party's nominee)
Bryan Kleverlaan
Independent (endorsed by the, National Liberal Party)
Private Citizen
Delegate from Klinkenburg
Leader of the Klinkenberg Independent Group


July 22, 2020 20 December 2021 (auto-suspention due to inactivity)