Nicholas I, Duke of Western Long Island

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Nicholas I
Niccolò I
Duke of the Italian Duchy of Western Long Island

Official Portrait of Niccolò I of Western Long Island
Duke of Western Long Island
Assumed office:
2 April 2022
Predecessor Office Established
Personal Information
Born 6 September 2004 (2004-09-06) (age 19)
New York, United States
Citizenship Western Long Island, American
Nationality Western Long Islander
Political party Socialist Party of Western Long Island
Residence Western Long Island
Religion Roman Catholic
Military service
Allegiance Western Long Island
Service/branch Army, Navy, Air Force
Rank Captain General of Western Long Island Forces

Nicholas I, also known as Niccolò I and commonly known as Nicholas V. (born 6 September 2004) is the Duke of Western Long Island, having near absolute power in the Duchy since its creation in April of 2022.

Early Life

Nicholas was born on Long Island, New York on September 6 2004.

Micronational Career

Principality of New York

Nicholas I started the Principality of New York in 2016 after the 2016 US presidential election the Principality of New York was disbanded in 2018.

Italic Duchy of Western Long Island

On 2 April 2022 the Italic Duchy of Western Long Island was founded by Nicholas. Western Long Island has a government, military and a decent population size.

Political Views

Nicholas is a monarcho-socialist more specifically a hereditary constitutional monarchist and democratic-socialist.