Ninth of June Regime

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Kingdom of Eintrachtia
Königreich Eintrachtien (German)
Reino de Eintrachtia (Portuguese)
"Deus benedicat Patriae" (Latin)
"God bless our Country"
Other mottos:
Anthem: Ode to Joy

Royal Anthem: Hino da Carta
Logo of the 9th of June regime
  Royal dependencies and protectorates
Largest cityLochshire
Official languagesEnglish, German and Portuguese
Recognized languagesEintrachtian
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy under a corporatist one-party totalitarian dictatorship
• King
John I
• Prime Minister (Grand Chancellor)
Locarno L. (first and last)
House of Lords (de facto)
Cabinet of Aristocrats (de jure)
House of Councillors
• Total
725,000 km2 (280,000 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
National Commonwealth

The Ninth of June Regime was a name given to the corporatist government which was installed in the Kingdom of Eintrachtia for a very short period. It existed for approximately one day, from the evening of 8 June 2023 to the afternoon of the following day, which is where it got its name. It was formed after a new chancellor, going by the name Locarno L., was nominated by the Parliament at a request from the Royal Court to "establish a functioning government", due to the fact that the acting chancellor, Penguin Ballister Jr., is a stuffed penguin.

The attempt to install a new chancellor without a proper vote gained distain from members of the conservatives and social democrats in the Parliament. Locarno L., having been an Eintrachtian politician for less than a year, was a member of the National Party, which is a right-wing party that greatly upholds conservative, nationalist, and expansionist ideologies. Although the king expressed his regrets to nominate an autocrat to become a head of the government, Locarno L. didn't stop his expansion of power within the government and even established his own personal cabinet named the Cabinet of Aristocrats, distancing itself from the royalist cabinet, despite supporting monarchism. The regime also advocated the annexation of Cyrance by Eintrachtia, fully incorporating the territory.

On 9th June 2023, the Royal Eintrachtian Forces led by the king himself forced a negotiation of the relinquishment of power by the grand chancellor. Lorcarno L. was convicted of treason and was expelled from office and deported, thus ending the regime.


After the decline of the Empire of Eintracia and the failure to create a union, Eintrachtia has experienced multiple diplomatic failures since the April Boom. To add up, most members of the House of Lords are occupied by non-human officials, most of which being stuffed penguins, including the acting chancellor. Hence, an attempt to install an active official to be the chancellor was brought into discussion multiple times in the cabinet.


After the autocratic regime has ended, the government started a project of reformation to acknowledge the problems suggested by the regimes such as lack of active governmental posts and diplomatic inactivity. Multi-party system was re-introduced and the constitution was reintroduced after abolishing the altered version made by the regime.

The regime was the first major political event that triggered the Act of Security and Democratic Reform, stated in the constitution that is only activated when a significant threat to national balance of power and rights is found within the government, typically used after the threats are reduced. The National Commonwealth was thus installed quickly after deporting Locarno L., to temporarily manage governmental matters before the parliament was fully reinstalled.

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